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Senator Kevin Parker Dec 17
. is an organization that works to protect in NYS.I had the opportunity to meet with this great group & discuss working together to pass legislation that will improve in NYS.I was also proud to learn I received an A on my voting rights report card
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Legal Defense Fund Dec 17
This holiday season, support one fundamental human right: equality for all. Double your gift to LDF and double your impact in the fight to defend our democracy. Donate now.
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Rod Johnson Dec 10
The new democratic house must be absolutely bullish on voting rights. Exposing and confronting those who have long toyed with them and then passing policies that stegthen and expand the right for ALL Americans to engage in the most sacred aspect of democracy.
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Buccaneer555seer 2h
Replying to @MSNBC @RedHairBear
Impeachment is on the table for sure the blue wave Democrats win of the 2018 election cycle! Steering them in the face of reality.
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Philip Welham Esq. 16h
Replying to @aabdu02
Look in to the history of The Womens Social and Justice Union that become the Suffragette Movement Interesting point Mr Mayor about ‘Mass Mobilisation’ footsteps and followers ✅ Market Impossibly works both ways otherwise Britain has become Tory Dictatorship
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Gillian Frank Dec 17
A brief reflection on losing and then regaining .
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v4dc2 =Vote 4 DC too 14h
's Hispanic Caucus pod cast interview of DC Shadow US Rep for . I don't know @allisonaglitter, but can quickly tweet detailed extremely helpful facts on US , but occasionally very argumentative.
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Open Progress 12h
Ho ho ho! Nothing makes a Resister jollier than a gift that celebrates action and supports a good cause! Buy an OP piece for the activist in your life and the proceeds'll go to supporting our work! Order by 12 tomorrow for 12/24 delivery.
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જાનવી Dec 9
I just dont know y indian people dont think out of the box? Like ssly you gave 70 years to congress and not even 7 years to BJP and people need change... its just like eating khichadi everyday!
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Cold Cream 'n' Roses Dec 13
. scare women into thinking that conservatives will take away and women's
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PatriciaCamposMedina Dec 12
Current New Jersey Redistricting Reform Proposals Do Nothing for Latinx Political Strength | LatinoJusticePRLDEF ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦
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Buccaneer555seer 58m
Replying to @tribelaw @MineLilLight
With this type of criminal conduct being exposed why not? 17 investigation and counting,,,,,
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LBessPWilmsn Dec 13
I'm noticing a resentment pull to Republican U.S. citizens being interested in the government posts . My were impeded on the day I voted by the discussion of why I was sitting down voting by the pollsters . Rather , by a particular pollster.
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Lauren Boc Dec 17
If delays implementation of , a ballot measure 64% of Floridians voted for, will sue (as they should). So the same taxpayers who PASSED THIS MEASURE will pay to defend his decision NOT to implement it. 🤔
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EJ Dionne 10h
The Republican assault on democracy isn't anything new, writes. It goes back to , voter suppression in Ohio in 2004 and the Supreme Court's decision. "The G.O.P. has needed no lessons from Viktor Orban," he says.
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FlashingRedDot Dec 13
Yo guy hires someone to run field after hearing he was known for lawbreaking tactics. You think there’s ANY OTHER EXPLANATION for why Mark Harris did this, other than to steal the election? this is messed up y’all deserve some ya dig?
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Matt Roberson Dec 17
Russia’s influence efforts don’t scare me nearly as much as the open air scheme by the to limit the who, when & where of our sacred voting process
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Gallimaufry Studio Dec 17
Excellent. must stop no matter which political party is pushing it "Democratic legislators wanted to entrench their own power. The Democratic base demanded real reform." via
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NagarajNarayanaBhat Dec 14
Any individual or couple having more than 2 children should loose and cannot avail any unless it's a special case scenario. Share this message if you agree.
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ACLU of Iowa Dec 17
Another just plea for Kim Reynolds to automatically restore the of 52,000 Iowans with felony convictions.
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