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The Democrats Aug 15
Trump and his Republican allies make it clear again and again: our values are on the ballot in 2020. That’s why we’re working hard every day to make sure we .
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Rogette Harris, MPA, MBA Aug 10
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SadCat Aug 15
🌊 Mo Brooks is an old white racist. Go climb back under your rock.🦖🦂 asshole🖕☣☢
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Dwight Aug 15
This is why the good citizens of Arizona will not re-elect you to Senate. You're still supporting Trump, governor can't appoint. Bye, bye McSally.. Vote for
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Reave214445 Aug 9
Replying to @MayorBriley
So since illegal aliens are allowed all crime is legal right? Cant be picking and choosing now can we.
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Kimemdoyle Aug 15
Took a hiatus away from Twitter. I decided that silence makes evil stronger and our voices do matter.
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michiganmama 15h
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4animals Aug 16
Replying to @funder
Pittsburgh workers, you've got the last word: vote!
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ItMatters Aug 12
Trump’s Monday so far: • guts the endangered species act • threatens permanent residents that they cannot get green cards if they ever need food stamps Disgusting. Immoral. Dangerous. He needs to go.
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Barry Waldo Aug 11
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Editor / Maverick Gaymers 🌈 Aug 9
So... Let me get this straight. Display ads for violent video games are being pulled, and some cable channels have opted not to broadcast eSports tournaments. But ZERO fucking gun control initiatives.... ZERO. UNREAL. Un-FUCKING-real.
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Dressed for the Protest 8h
All these topics and more on the latest episode - it’s a speed rant! Listen wherever you get your podcasts.
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J.Gogo 11h
A beautiful day for our . We gathered in front of SF City Hall to demand our Senate to vote for Federal BG Checks and Red Flag Laws. If they don’t, we will Text CHECKS to 644-33 and ask your Senator to get on board!
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Rick Pfeiffer 17h
Replying to @DrStephensonN
Thanks for including me! The Doc Rocks!
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Jack Polakoff Aug 16
Replying to @paulkrugman
Here is how Republicans distribute that adds $4 trillion to national debt in a decade.
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Essex CT News Aug 16
Tax this Denali of old Saybrook looks like they are no longer open (the for lease sign was our clue) and definitely not taxing or employing in this location
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eSEy Bee Aug 15
Replying to @cryborg
TRUE sigh 😞 and why ALL who've supported, defended & enabled, "shall" go, too!
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🕊Sharon #EPluribusUnum Aug 15
Replying to @neal_katyal @blaha_b
Republicans don't deserve to be elected to a single office in this country.
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USA_3Branches Aug 14
Republicans have tried to take your Healthcare for over a year. Protect your Healthcare.
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