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Kevin 1h
Maybe if TDs stopped playing local politics and took on the top heavy HSE management then you could bring about change and medical staff would want to work in this country and not leave it. But its easier to give out to people and feign concern
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Mummygirl/ Bev Stein 5h
Replying to @rozhubley
It’s just a cover up for men secretly bought jobs with ESF money a decade. The Primes monopolise utility empires and ECB ignored women especially married. We gained them so profits for their Corporates.(CBI). Think Tanks stuck now with tons of Neglected women a decade. ? 👎🏼
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Eugene Ingram Jr Apr 23
Of course or anyone in shouldn’t . is a spoiler candidate who will siphon from good candidates like or . This is not rocket science. He helped Trump win in 2016 by siphoning votes. Same M.O. again.
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Diketso Maine 3h
How About We Put Our CVs Inside The Voting Box On 8 May 🤔
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Stefan Armbruster 6h
Stone throwing protesters in Honiara after the election of Manasseh Sogavare as PM. Some dialogue on what's happening, "police are protecting Chinatown". Footage via FB:
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NYCResident Apr 22
Replying to @resident_nyc
ILLEGAL HOUSING - a letter was sent to DOB and ignored. Residents : furious, neighborhoods : being destroyed, infrastructure : over-extended. Read this section! He doesn't care about you. He cares about the people who are renting who treat the neighborhoods like crap.
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mark martinelli Apr 22
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Not enough
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thefresconews 37m
Bollywood Actor Sunny Deol joins Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) via #BJP#Voting
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Melissa Bellan 19h
Local elections are happening now! Go get your vote on during early vote. @ George L. Allen Sr. Courts Building
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3rd world citizen 8h
Replying to @IlhanMN
Problem in U.S democratic System... PRESEDENT ELECTED BY AMERICAN BEHAVE LIKE A DICTATOR .. EVEN Senate and congress have little power in Presedential decisions.
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Akshata Prabhu 3h
I am a Woman who dared to dream big! Now I really need your & to be in the finale of World 2019. If you think I deserve to be in it, please like the post & vote for me-
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IANS Tweets Apr 23
Technical glitches notwithstanding, 65 per cent of 's over 2 crore strong electorate had cast their by 5 pm as polling went on in the state's 20 Lok Sabha constituencies in the third round. Photo: IANS
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Peter Casey's Manifesto ‼️ Apr 22
Houdini couldn't do a better disappearing act. But I still want your
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Lynne Taylor Apr 22
Anti Fed Ed Ws, how far will go to ruin ? How far are they willing to go in the misuse of our or our ? Read & learn!
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Felix J. Boccadoro 12h
Replying to @NumbersMuncher
This plan / approach of and is rediculous especially with the manner we have college education structured in this country. Honestly it come across as a desperate attempt to buy but it's a boat anchor!
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votehaida 19h
9000 . Five . One . Vote Haida Gebru
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Nigel Marriott Apr 23
Replying to @MarriottNigel
d'Hondt goes through X rounds where X is number of MEPs in that region. At each round, the Quotient is the divided by 1 + won so far. Assuming all regions vote same way (allowing for Nats in Wal,Sco,NI) then the quotients & winning parties will look like this. /2
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🇮🇳 SKumarS 🇨🇦🍁 Apr 17
Sure, but no for though.
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Prudent Media Apr 17
BJP minority cell appeals all minorities to vote for BJP as it’s a secular party, says with no discrimination govt schemes are available for all, claims BJP solved grievances of minority while Congress used minority for votes
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Sahara Star 6h
Time to cast your vote! Enjoy benefits of your Right To Vote, by availing 50% discount at any of our fine dining outlets. To book your table, please call: +91 22 3980 7444
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