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Vminsecrets Sep 13
Highschool bfs, after gym.T*e closes his eyes as J*min works his hard on. He wants to feel J*min too but he’s being bratty. Who then whines and pulls back T*e’s much larger hands to hold around his shaft. “Ahh better”
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Vminsecrets Sep 16
“Baby getting hard watching himself get fucked? Naughty” J*min snickered squeezing T*e’s dick. T*e had bottomed for the first time nd was a bit anxious. J*min showed him how great he looked.
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OT7 Sep 14
Replying to @_bangtansnyndan
∆ vmin au | ∆ - fluff (and maybe a bit nsfw) - don't report, just ignore 🤷🏻‍♀️ - don't reply, retweet if you want 😘 - I love you 💞
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