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Zharel Anger 4h
A video to confirm your . If you love Noel Fielding and Richard Ayoade you'll love it. If you hate their strangeness, you will also hate this. Are you brave enough to find out where you stand? - the Impaler
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who Sep 19
Replying to @TPM
probably gave the go ahead
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Helen Ahern Sep 19
Replying to @NormOrnstein
The fact that is capable of all of 3 shows the truly desperate state of his presidency. I think the third option is the most likley, he seems to be unable to refuse
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Susan: We only have one 🌎, the GOP is killing it Sep 18
Replying to @joncoopertweets
Yep, all of the above. But I do think it’s who pulls his strings and makes the dummy speak...
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JAY T 52m
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Berci Alexandru Sep 16
I've just watched episode S02E02 of VLAD!
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Hazlerigg VFC Sep 16
Sunday gone saw make his 50th Sun AM start, marked with his 5th MoM, 3 of them against Burradon.
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rtpicks Sep 11
Pulled this badboy from a box of chronicles.. 1 of 1 auto
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nutzforart Sep 16
Replying to @robreiner
They all lie, that's the nature of the beast since the Industrial Military Complex took over our government. This one is A TRAITOR, that's the difference. He is working with Russia to destabilize America and war w/Iran is just what wants.
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David D. Sep 12
I left my Brain is Sam's Old Disco Along the great big Caspian Sea. Hopefully will hide the videos Of me and Pee and Pee and Me!!!!!
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🚨💣🌺💙👩🏼‍🎤 ♥ SEXYGALKATO ♥ Sep 11
Replying to @CRose2020
💎🆘💒🎄🧸🌱 I love 👼🏻
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G0_Ravens Sep 12
Replying to @amandacarpenter
I was also thinking about that recently & came to the conclusion - the Trump/Putin friendship will grow even stronger except it's not just him but his entire high risk staff/family who've had access to highly as well. There's nothing he won't do to please .
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⚾️🌴🌵ELLE🏈🌸☘️ Sep 15
Hello? ? What do I do next? Oh? Shut down military bases in using my, bigoted border wall as cover so you can walk in & take over the oil reserves? Sure thing, Boss!
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World Concert Hall Sep 19
Right now, with Sedona, a 's world premiere and from
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🌸 Honey Jea 🌸 🇵🇭 Sep 14
So, yeah. It may be a long wait for this new series but i really hope it'll be worth it. Hope we get to see more of 's character in ways we've never seen in other Dracula movies.
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Stuff of the Dead Sep 18
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brian Sep 15
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Ummmm you are the one making a gameshow out of our country and endangering Americans. You rich f#$ks can up and go anywhere you want once we crumble and we all know where you will go ....
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Susan: We only have one 🌎, the GOP is killing it Sep 11
Yep, and when contacted, reports, “I’m waiting for () to address gun violence. Besides our boss hasn’t to.d us what we should say yet” 😆🤣😂🤦🏻‍♀️
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Lord & Savior DJ FEIERKAISER 4h
Stop, Anya kann nicht mehr weiter. Sie ist erschöpft.
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Haunt Shirts Sep 13
Vlad may be the worst employee ever... he literally just stands there. These shirts aren’t going to ship themselves my man!
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