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Random Artists Collab Generator Bot 3h
Village People Featuring Stanley Clarke/George Duke, single canceled!
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Yuddie 8h
IVM is not the only brand out there. Scuttle for another and leave them and Farouq alone.
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Judy Mango Conway 6h
The polar opposite of the *
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Suyen 💋 4h
For a group of racist, misogynistic, antiquated homophobes, they sure look happy to be singing and dancing to a very gay song!
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Ruben Baez Jr 13h
That is so strange, do those people know the orientation of the people who sing to song, I bet if they did, they wouldn't .
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Joel Kirsh 13h
Not sure who I’m more sorry for - the , or the DJ after someone connects the dots.
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a.girl 12h
Something tells me the are gonna let this one ride. 🌈
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Stephan Bruno 21h
Nothingike a bunch of homophobes sing about a gay hangout spot.
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Douglasayo_adedeji Oct 15
I remember dah time I carried physics textbook instead of biology into biology exam.....mehn are real oo😪
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Rick Young 8h
Replying to @howroute
....... do u think they know?......
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FlyOverStatement 3h
Replying to @BJS_quire @Nickelback
I wonder if this will be another instance, like , etc, where the threaten to sue over improper and unlicensed use
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Chris Orchin 7h
26th October 1840 - Place Carisbrook Book now revitalised
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Alexander D. Oct 16
on site... if only I had a Cop, a Cowboy, an American Indian, a Leatherman, a GI and... my tool belt... I could dance to the of the 1978. Some songs never get old.
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💘Chica_Morena_Hawaiiana_💘 8h
News Alert: One of the was part of the Community! 😱🤯😬😜😝
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Thomas Milburn Jr 20h
Anyone else notice that all the Village People had jobs except the guy on the right? Burly Biker isn’t a job I’ve ever heard of.
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Michael DeCrow 🎃🎃🎃👻👻☠💀 7h
Replying to @tinyhandstacoma
We must draw a line somewhere. I think the are it.
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|\/|üsic_co//ector Oct 16
one of their classics from the on Japan Vinyl Press 7"
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Iris 22h
Replying to @MysterySolvent
If they knew... they wouldn't be singing to a song from a group of gay men.
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Ilene 2h
Irony: a bunch of people who hate LGBTQ community...someone really should give them a clue!
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Rachel Anderson 6h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Your is showing, 45. Lube it up, buttercup!
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