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Filipa Preston 1h
Disgraceful and how the church with so much power and money continues to defend . On a positive grateful to the few who dared to bring him down and won, twice. Not only did he offend, but he protected other priests who were doing the same.
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Replying to @_fletchermike
Fucked up on so many levels!!!
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streat1 Aug 19
Replying to @SBSNews
Just get on with it and stop sucking a lemon
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Ginger Pele⚒ Aug 20
Had to be done, she actually makes me physically sick everytime i see her !
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Dave Johnson 7h
Nonce parody account.
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Claire Aug 14
Can’t believe has just scratched her vagina and shoved her fingers in someone’s face to sniff! That Lucas definitely doesn’t get paid enough to smell the GC’s bits!
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Daoud Nawaz Aug 20
Prince Andrew is the tip of the iceberg. They murdered to silence him and what he knows. Not only was he a Paedophile, he also ran a global child trafficking and sex ring with incredibly powerful clientele. Video of Prince Andrew seeing out a young lady
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♡Jessica ♔♡ Aug 19
Replying to @oletus_
Let’s not forget the “ Meat dress “ !
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Helen Aug 16
What a shameful tweet.......😡 You call ordinary voters in a democratic decision 'cowards' because they're going to upset your gravy train. FYI, you wouldn't recognise the British Lion if it was staring you in the face.
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" please read the group netiquette in the pinned annoucement "
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M*s*c*l R*s*st*nc* Aug 18
I wonder if South Yemenis were deemed "too Marxist" for Soviets because they didn't believe in the vile authoritarian class division of "secretariat-proletariat"? Soviet ideology was vile in it's protection of corrupt rich political class at expense of intellectuals/workers
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Deno Dess Aug 17
KANASONGA Video will be on next month Date 15 second Sunday of the month...
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✌Robert A. Music ♫ 2h
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Dec Clarke Aug 20
Replying to @MuireannO_C
Those poor girls.
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Nicola neal Aug 14
its one of the biggest days in your kids lives, A level results day Imagine not knowing his grades, what his future holds, what courses he chose, Imagine not knowing his GCSEs results, what options he took in year 9. Imagine this kid was your kid & you didnt know / care
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Danielle 🏳️‍🌈🧙🏻‍♀️ Aug 16
I'm sorry but why is Gemma scratching her vagina and sniffing it on tv? and I'm for watching this shite
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Stephanie McCrery Aug 18
Then you haven’t been looking hard enough! Killys are WAY, WAY worse! Hateful, ugly, nasty ...tagging the ACTORS in their filth. Going after kids. After Steve’s wife.
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Soma Datta (Fiction.Poetry.NF) Aug 13
at gaslighting he broke her, called her , until his arrest.
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Jodie Abacus Aug 20
Replying to @mohan_ron @sowetokinch
Did you come up with the lie as fast as you made this twitter profile?
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Martin wignall #GTTO, #socialist Aug 20
Replying to @PeterStefanovi2
Astonishing, the more I listen to Tory bullshit policies , the more I despise them
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