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Charlotte Longepe Nov 23
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Hasan Abbas Nov 20
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Dont be selfish, Mask Up Nov 20
Replying to @robert_spalding
Only people that believe 🇨🇳 5% growth Are the same selling 🇨🇳 stocks
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Kathy Cox Nov 20
So good I had to share! Check out all the items I'm loving on :
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Dont be selfish, Mask Up Nov 26
Replying to @TerryGlavin
Champagne is the epitome of a two faced politician He’s our Canadian Mitch McConnell
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mortifiedنcentrist Nov 22
awkward... Before my mind registered "Australia", for a fleeting moment I actually read "Vichy Gov HHS" to myself as if they "fessed up".. The Freudian slip came from months of referring to Trump's gov as to distinguish from Republicans that believe
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Today In History Nov 27
27 Nov 1942: France scuttles the French in Toulon, France, thus preventing its capture by the Axis, during World War II.
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Ikran's Cosmetics Nov 26
These products will give your skin a clear complexion and create a radiant and youthful look! Now 20% OFF with . Call: 0729752424
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MonsieurBidule Nov 22
Reply Retweet Like Bernd Kynast Nov 22
like government collaberate with true regime. in the mid of . That's . 2. Legal to overturn election2020 3. :
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L'Oréal Group Nov 20
In partnership with ModiFace, our brand has created SkinConsult: a personalised diagnosis tool presented this week at , that uses a to tell you how to take care of your concerns ✨ Discover more here ➡️
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Brian O'Malley Nov 20
The collaborators in the 1980s miniseries V. The collaborators in a WW2 movie & memoir. God, that there are so many of them! Why did we stop using the phrase Republicans, for the Nazi puppet state in occupied France, with its capital in Vichy?
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JOHNNY Soho ( Polly Jean ) UH HUH HER ! Nov 25
Replying to @Wizard_Predicts
is just right
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ImAFreeman Nov 25
Led by L. James & C. Vance Jr., some states will serve FELONY-level , tax evasion & bank fraud INDICTMENTS vs. YOU & that FORCES Flynn 2 TESTIFY since ur PARDON🤣kills 5th Admend. rights against self-incrimination‼️
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🖤julie🖤 Nov 25
Replying to @marwilliamson
Any collaborationist who is supporting the fraud that is COVID19 deserves prison time, not just house arrest. Wouldn’t you agree?
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MonsieurBidule Nov 23
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ร๏ɭคг ฬคг๔єภ PATRIOT and LOVER OF DEMOCRACY 24h
Replying to @educated_educ8r
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Emmet Nov 23
Wow laying into you this morning. What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul. To gain the senate and lose democracy.
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ChristmasCountdown Nov 28
Have you seen my review of the Best Eye Cream products? See Please retweet
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Democracy4Neath Nov 22
Replying to @metoffice
south wales covered in thick chemical spraying, three weeks of rain and the first blue sky is ruined by the NWO traitors...the has insider knowledge of chemical weapons attacks and
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