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VIBIA 7 Sep 18
Perfectly poised floor pendants bring a grounded yet delicately balanced feel.
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Sire Design 13 Jul 18
When designing a dining room, we have three objectives that we always want to achieve: find the best balance, create a focal point and play with textures to create a unique space. || via by || .
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VIBIA Jun 28
Vibia's NORTH by has been a Hospitality Design Awards Honoree in the last edition of Hospitality Design magazine’s annual ceremony.
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VIBIA May 28
Vibia’s NORTH Floor Pendant, designed by , is the winner of 2019, the prestigious award assigned by . More details in our blog:
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VIBIA May 22
’s NORTH defines a new class of modern decorative lighting based on space-oriented solutions. Don't miss the inspired ideas from Instagram with this collection:
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