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CNW Aug 8
Cleaning work continuing in Morrocoy, beaches are being cleaned of rubbish and oil from the oil spill
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Enparalelovzla0 16h
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Joel Gomes Aug 8
US Ex-Green Berets jailed for 20 years for plot.
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iligan ca 7h
Yesterday was now is get ready
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Michael Welling 2h
Protests for lack of gasoline continue throughout the country with the largest oil reserves in the the world. What happened Nicolas?
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CNW Aug 9
The cleanup of the oil spill at Morrocoy is still continuing. The local authorities have been out using barriers to soak up the oil around the mangroves.
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Global Americans 10h
2 Ex-Green sentenced to 20 years for attack
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Lino Miani...Unofficial🇺🇸 10h
Dang. 20 years. 🤦🏻‍♂️ : Former American soldiers jailed over failed coup - BBC News
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MadMalcolm D 1h
Replying to @TechDeals_16
I hope we are more careful with all of OUR (That is more than I even pay in taxes as is) money than that.
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SungManitu/2020 7h
Watch closely, I believe it's the Tyrannical Maduro regime to fail.🤞
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MICDAN CONSULTING Outsourcing Contable Tributario
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Julie Laumann Aug 8
Replying to @Otpor17
"Former Green Berets Luke Denman and Airan Berry admitted to taking part in the May 4 operation orchestrated by a third ex-US soldier [Jordan Goudreau] who remains in the US." Former US soldiers sentenced to 20 years for bungled coup plot
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teleSUR English Aug 8
| US mercenaries sentenced to 20 years in prison
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Anabelle 23h
Replying to @24kRose_
Just throwing this out there-if any1 would like to donate to the children dying of starvation in 💜if money is too difficult rn, THATS OK! we also accept old clothes/shoes, canned foods, backpacks, toys&more! Anything helps these kids, thankyou🙏🏽
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Opher Banarie 1h
This lack of understanding is exactly how went from 8th richest country to people eating the squirrels in the park. It's also why Zimbabwe had hyperinflation a few years ago, which is back in full force again.
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Imminent News 2h
🇻🇪 Public Service Donations are urgently requested for Adolfo Acosta. Thanks to the people or institutions that can collaborate, do so through the following link : .  
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Ricardo Augusto Forero Higuera 2h
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Ana Maria Leonardi 9h
Watch what happened at 0:04 in 's broadcast: Boletín de la Verdad -19 en 10A
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Taller Online Especial De Chocolate
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VenezuelaLibre 9h
Replying to @elmaracucho642
The Begining of end for
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