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I Vaccinate Nov 10
"This is one of the great achievements of medicine — that a vaccine can protect children from an illness that could kill them." - Abbie Roth, . Vaccines save lives. We urge you to ❤️
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WIDeptHealthServices May 29
Babies ages 0-24 months need vaccines to protect against illnesses such as hepatitis B, chickenpox, whooping cough, measles, and many more. Ask your doctor and go to to learn more.
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Families Fighting Flu 29 Jan 19
Forget snow days! This NJ school got a flu day! Sadly, this is not a reason to celebrate. Flu can be dangerous, and even deadly for children. And this means there are many children suffering with# flu.
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Dr. Richard Pan 25 Jan 19
"Canadian researchers say that this year’s vaccine appears to reduce the risk of catching the dominant flu strain by 72 per cent." BC Centre for Disease Control - ImmunizeBC
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Families Fighting Flu 10 Aug 18
Explaining 'herd immunity' may convince more people to get shots.
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IAC Nov 8
Thanks to the AMA for spreading the word: if U.S. flu vaccination rates increased by only 4%, more than 37 million illnesses and 531,000 hospitalizations could be prevented. Protect yourself and those around you. Get vaccinated today.
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No parent wants to see their baby gasping for air at the hospital. Ellie's mom weighs in about the importance of preventing whooping cough. Read Ellie's story here:
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Families Fighting Flu 16 Nov 18
Friday : When people get their annual flu , they're actually helping to reduce the $16B that the U.S. spends on treating adults, age 50 and over, with each year. Because everyone gets the flu from someone else! graphic via
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IAC Oct 30
We applaud Beth for getting a flu shot to protect the children she cares for as a Hennepin Healthcare Volunteer. And we love it that she’s wearing our IAC Flu Button. Get yours here: .
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Purdue Life Sciences Nov 18
With December around the corner, don't forget to get your flu shot if you have not already done so! There are plenty of places to get your shot so stop by a pharmacy or grocery store today and get a quick, low-cost shot
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MDFiscusMD Sep 3
“Chicken pox is usually a mild illness”... except when it’s not. Prior to vaccine it killed >100 children/yr in the US. The rest have a 1 in 3 chance of shingles, which can cause chronic pain. Both can now be prevented with
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AltPan Oct 15
Is Bob turning over a new leaf? Going honest? He's just come clean about his pseudonym and the fact that he writes fiction! 🤔
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I Vaccinate May 3
Gabe Lawrence of Topknot has a pragmatic, laid-back approach to parenting — except when it comes to . Read why she chooses to make sure that her son is up-to-date on all his immunizations.
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MDFiscusMD Jan 29
Replying to @drfixus
7/ It may take more than one ride w a random doctor to convince him. But he heard me and I also think he felt heard. It was a very pleasant exchange. Enjoyable, even. I think he’ll remember the chat. Maybe ask questions the next time he’s offered a . Maybe.
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Candice W. Jones, MD Mar 8
Excited to answer vaccine questions on this new episode with renowned vaccinologist, Dr. Paul Offit. Thanks ! Click the ep links in show note or listen wherever you get podcast.
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Families Fighting Flu 27 Sep 18
Getting a flu isn't just about protecting yourself. You can also help protect those who can't be vaccinated, like infants under 6 months of age or those who are medically fragile.
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ADM Brett P. Giroir Dec 4
The best way to prevent the is to get ! Learn how to protect yourself & loved ones from the flu with our guide:
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IAC Nov 5
Think you don’t need a flu shot because you never get the flu? This short message from the CDC is for you!
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Christ Community Aug 20
Vaccines help keep all of us healthy. As this year’s measles outbreaks continue, make sure your children are protected against measles and other serious diseases. See which vaccines your child needs:
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Sura's brother Ali was in med school when he got stuck with a needle. The infection left him with hepatitis B and he passed away at age 21. Watch Sura's Story and call for vaccination.
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