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penny thompson 40m
No, he’s angry at who did nothing to keep out of the hands of foreign proceeds of crime. Don’t blame the victim.
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penny thompson 18m
Replying to @Goldiein604
In Vancouver condos are referred to as “safety deposit boxes in the sky”.
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Citizen White Rock 20h
Replying to @Dave_Eby
Can I just write “Investigate all of West Vancouver “ as a catch-all tip?
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Ng Weng Hoong Nov 17
Replying to @EvaSiu21
What a strange reply. Do read my articles slowly and carefully. The Media Crisis In Vancouver’s Housing Crisis: Alternative Mortgage Lenders The Media Crisis In Vancouver’s Housing Crisis: Demographia
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David Eby 21h
If you have information that could assist Dr. Peter German to look into allegations of money laundering in , we've just released this tip portal to help you communicate with him.
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robshaerphoto Nov 17
Replying to @wanzerelli
It's fucking toxic. I don't want to be an ostrich about it, but I'm exhausted. Less More
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Jacqueline Garvin 19m
New Renders for Akimbo tower - a pleasant addition to the skyline. by Imani
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Joseph Jones 35m
Replying to @udibc @CMHC_ca
This whole red Canadian hillock could be named «Steady Eddy» Viewpoint at top? «Spec Summit»
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Buc Nasty Nov 17
Lol just need to hodl on long enough (20-30 years) for the gold price recover and we can start making money again!
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Justin Fung | YES TO PRO REP | 馮凱威 21h
Replying to @FIVRE604
The rest of the “exhibit” though is actually just a sales office for the towers. Sales staff are busy explaining the layout and all the amenities to prospective clients in Mandarin. Nothing to see here, right
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Jason Perreault Nov 18
Homebuilders in caught holding the bag are being shut down by their lenders. Here's a perfect example. Empty lot for sale with foundation built and plans included.
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CL 2h
Replying to @Dave_Eby @jhwfung
Make sure that the provincially owned corporations Quadreal and BCIMC who are partnered with Westbank on the Oakridge Project do NOT allow any form of laundered money in to the project. That's a good place to start.
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Rohana Rezel 2h
I debunked anti-affordability movement's arguments, which were nothing but neoliberal sophistry. The YIMBYs attacked me, and predominantly PoC ProVancouver, by dehumanizing us as savages and trolls. It's like who ad hominem opponents.
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Kerry Gold 2h
"The value of homes in the posher parts of global cities move in sync because they have become a distinct asset class." And those prices are falling. Eye-opening Economist piece.
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Western Investor 1h
Horgan, B.C. housing minister highlight progress made at Canada's largest affordable housing conference
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Evita Siu Nov 18
Replying to @JonStovell
Why don't we ban locals above 5 foot tall from buying , then we can build even smaller! Foreign buyers's height isn't a constraint as 4Ners don't really buy housing 2 live in hence we can make a friendly height exemption 4 them demonstrating our famous 🇨🇦xenophilia again!
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judy rudin Nov 11
I am a Jew. I see where hyperbole--like your own tweet--and bullshit twist words and ideas. I know which people are slyly inferring racism, and which people are actual racists. I don't need lectures from you on this subject.
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Real Estate of Mind Nov 8
Replying to @YVRHousing
don’t forget the “New-shaming” a la everyone’s favourite race baiting troll
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FirstPacificMortgage 1h
10 Surprising Things That Are Making Your Home Look Dated
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Bal Sandhu 16h
Wasnt the RCMP money laundering/organized crime/illegal gaming unit disbanded by back when they were in power?
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