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Nano 13 Aug 18
We wrap up Monday with a big THANK YOU! Testing is underway for , and we couldn't do it without the . We're posting the changelog for v15: And encourage you to join or start a discussion:
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Nano 16 Aug 18
Today the beta network running version 15 hummed along at 200 TPS without breaking a sweat. A larger stress test is planned for tomorrow at 10am EDT/2pm GMT, let's find out what it can REALLY do. Join us at
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Nano 17 Aug 18
A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the beta network stress test. Users reported an average sustained TPS of 75 over 30 minutes with a reported peak of 756 blocks/second. Want to find out more? Join the conversation at
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Chapel Hill Winery 28 Jan 15
Lots of grape sampling and vineyard visits today.
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NanoThings 15 Aug 18
is driving out the shitcoins as it flirts with 6k, as soon as the coast is clear the genuine projects will rise to the top.
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