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Popular Front of India Dec 5
SILENCE IS NO OPTION || DECEMBER 6 || LEST WE FORGET || MEMORY IS THE FIRST DEFENCE Statement by Mohammed Ali Jinnah, General Secretary, Popular Front of India Watch, Like, Share & Comment
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Shahin Shaikh Dec 1
When you get desi vibes in LA! 😉
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Akbaruddin Owaisi - Youth Icon 17h
Floor Leader Janab Akbaruddin Along With AIMIM MLA's & MLC's Today Met Hon'ble Education Minister P. Sabita Indra Reddy Regarding Recruitment Of Teachers, Higher Education & Schools Related Issues...
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Muzzamil Hussain 58m
shares some delightful anecdotes from his childhood and his love for
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Rajesh Parikh Nov 30
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Karwan Dec 2
O who hate urdu listen it O who love urdu listen it
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Transparent Urdu 2h
Word of the Day - کم سے کم: at least Click for audio!
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Yashi Das🇮🇳 Dec 5
Urdu, said to be a Hindustani language must not die in its own country, if it is all about Nation. Love& celebrate it's beauty
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Asif Shah Dec 4
The best form of Jihad is, a man who fights against himself and his desire.
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[Urdu] The Severe Consequences of seeking Divorce & Separation from Husband without a Valid Reason
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[Urdu] A Great Threat for those who Betray, Kill & Terrifying Innocent Non-Muslims
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Indo Islamic Culture Dec 2
Biggest Festival Annual Jashn e Rekhta is back again
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ਪੰਜਾਬੀ پنجابی Dec 4
In self-respecting communities this will be a laughable joke, but in , self-hatred is serious academic business!!🤔 A *learned* Pak defends teaching in by claiming: "Aapko pta hai madri zubaan mein taleem ziada behtar hoti he"😅😂
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Vaseem Mirza Dec 2
Urdu is always going to be Urdu. Attempts at assimilation of its rich legacy with Hindi is desperate and cringeworthy at best.
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[Urdu] Its not possible to be conscious about Hereafter all the time
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Muhammad Juman Rahimoon🇱🇾🇱🇾 Dec 5
Historically, lived from Kashmir to Keti Bunder to Indian Gujrat. As has tied us together; likewise connects the entire Subcontinent as its , Sindh's Culture Minister delivers strong keynote at 12th Intl. Urdu Conference, Karachi.
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elum Dec 3
Watch and learn how to live a happy and fulfilling life! Positive Thinking (in Urdu) Lecture 2 (part 1) . .
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Nausheen Iftikhar 16h
of the Language Rare Book Read Online or download free
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[Urdu] Whoever Memorizes Ten Aayaat from the Beginning of Surat al-Kahf will be protected from the Dajjaal
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Muzammil BariTone Dec 4
Reciting 's ghazal "Kuch parindon ko to buss do char daane chahiye...." Listen to full ghazal in my voice
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