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D.Nunes OMG This the End of My Presidency I'm F'd Nov 22
You are full of s..tuff. Your lies are extremist nonsense and self delusion, and that's fine if you want to eat that. Problem is that you turkeys try to make public policy based on this s..t. Indictments? Is it 50,000 or 100,000,00000,00 sealed indictments now? 😃😂🤣 %FOS
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#Housing&Food 4 All 🏡 23 Feb 10
%GH If u took a shit in a pot thing whn u was a kid LMAO
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Jason 29 Dec 17
Ru4Real?or jus wat i pictureHeaven2BmixedW/💯%perfection😱LoL if only my mind was capable ofDeciphering,Imagine&PictureSuch exotic&extraordinary thoughts😍Ur AsSacredAs#TheTempleMount🇮🇱LoL😍%PERFECTION✡️🕍🕎
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daniela martinez 4 May 12
Replying to @Da_NeJa
@Its_NeJa dang gurl lol but yes %right
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Christy Nentwick 20 Dec 11
Replying to @TheePaulTee
As someone who is guilty of it.... %right
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CMA Jan 22
Thanks for ranking us 45th in your 100 Key Architects practices in Scotland for 2018!
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TheSpecialOne 22 Dec 12
": @yellow_damus needs to meet up for lunch when I get back in town "I'm in
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OneLifer Mal Boi 29 Aug 11
Better know it! RT @PunkyDezster: just followed yu n got love 4 ur ass already lol
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Luciano Iafrate 23 Jul 12
Replying to @tinopia
like today....marks n sparks to buy u new shoes %spoton
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GaryUFM 4 Jun 12
Replying to @JohnM_BCR
@Johnnnny_M Still not decided if I'm going to defer entry into yet. 2 weeks away. Hmmm...
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B4REFOOTER 11 Jun 11
I was recommended by top man Considering getting a pair of calf sleeves to get me through .
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Michael A. Bosco 5 May 11
Replying to @LaurenMichaels
So cute but you don't have balls! Girls typically sweat their ass off! RT I just sweat my balls off at the gym!! %Girl
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Kaitie DeGraff 28 Nov 12
you may want to rethink who's best friend you call a ho %jealous
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Luke McGarry 13 Sep 12
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Form Function 20 Jun 12
About to make three batches of my breakfast to (hopefully) fuel me round 100mi tomorrow.
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ICA Jan 9
We made it to no.17 in the Urban Realm top 100 practices! some nice pictures of our Gantry Hotel project there too.
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Mark Alexander 20 Oct 13
Replying to @bearded_girl
Been there! %right👎
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AmyAze Eng 19 Feb 15
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♡Hygeia♡ 21 Feb 13
Replying to @BrandiGlanville
love you girl. He's just jealous your more famous then he is now. %betterthenthem
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Jesi Thome 8 Sep 12
Note to creepy old men. Lick your lips at someone else 👴
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