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Asad Sayeed paints the upper right corner Apr 18
Replying to @asayeed
So it appears Hassold and the directive itself is making a distinction without a difference: for the intended effect to take hold, there must be . Hassold later makes arguments about filter technologies (why, when they aren't needed?) that I may look at tomorrow.
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Mona Eberhardt Apr 14
Replying to @monaeberhardt
When you don't know nothing about and all you know is your prokanoia about "copybotters", you really shouldn't be doing any talking. And when the come, enjoy having your meshes, textures etc blocked due to the "smartness" of the filters.
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Jamie Foxworthy Apr 17
Replying to @LManwaring @Recode
You're looking forward to ?
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Asad Sayeed paints the upper right corner Apr 17
Replying to @asayeed
In the middle, Herwig argues that the concern about has an "astonishing" combination of features: that they are absolutely essential for performing the task of finding upload violations, but they have a catastrophically high failure rate.
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0xCEDE Apr 15
Replying to @WhistleSir
Well, I guess platforms will make only one implementation of , not 28, which then probably will be the one to fulfill the most strict requirements. So we might end up with one single market modelled after the most punishing national implementation. πŸ˜•
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Michael 2h
Replying to @EP_ThinkTank
πŸ‘Ž with possible πŸ‘Ž with an unreasonable rule, that website owners need to be available 24/7 every hour πŸ‘Ž Ignoring protests of hundreds of thousands of people and ignoring advice from internet experts and Tim Berners-Lee (WWW inventor)
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Richard Apr 18
This is how the knows what they're doing with their new and , because this doesn't happen, right?
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Sybille Rompe Apr 15
Replying to @sybillerompe
reform adopted in Council and now completed. GER has voted in favour but has issued a formal declaration according to which it will refrain from introducing Overall legality of filters still an open question:
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Good news: just agreed on a position on without ! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‡ Less good: the deadline to comply with take down requests would still be 1h. Still, this is a solid basis for the upcoming trilogue negotiation with the Council.
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Directive Hurts Users Apr 17
Replying to @LauKaya @GabrielMariya
European Union is seriously messed up when a Digital Commissioner does not understand the grave consequences of the approved Copyright Directive and the need for to comply with the vague requirements. Lets not forget her at the elections. πŸ‘
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Samuel Stolton Apr 17
Replying to @SamuelStolton
However, MEPs rejected plans to introduce mandatory
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Replying to @cheekybunbuns
Not UN, one UN rapporteur: US law professor, expert international law not EU law not EU memberstate laws. Against regulation digital tech firms. Tech experts mean could work badly. Maybe. A solution: copyright holders must digitally fingerprint copyrighted work.
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IG-Foren Apr 12
If this is confirmed we might be only ~4%/2 countries away from a blocking minority on ! Keep up the pressure all activists our there on the streets again tomorrow and peacefully fight against . Never give up, never surrender -
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SilmarUK Apr 16
Replying to @SilmarUK
If you have any interest in this topic, particularly any concerns, then I highly recommend you watch this for yourself and form your own opinion. But what seems clear to me is that Germany does not want to see the kind of a lot of folks most fear.
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0xCEDE Apr 16
They just blocked us, any idea why πŸ˜‡ ? I find 's "no in " funny - as if lawmaking was a game of bingo, especially as they then go on praising Content ID fielded by the very company they demonize all the time. Made my day πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£
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γƒŸγƒ‰γƒŠ Apr 17
Replying to @Senficon
Ofc they rejected here. They already have that thanks to the copyright directive. With the 1h deadline they now crush the rest of the internet.
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MΓ₯ns Magnusson Apr 15
Germany votes yes to , which now will be adopted in the next 2 years. Responsible German parties and can't expect many votes from young voters in the upcoming elections.
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Replying to @kristicunga
1) Privacy violating as business model and framing it as "we do not evil"... a dream marketing strategy. 2) are not necessary. All content uploaded to servers of 'targeted content providers' is licensed by user based on ToS. User can not license copyrighted content
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Sonja Peteranderl Apr 17
voting on online content today: No explizit , but just one hour to delete terrorist content after notification. My report for
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Ruth Flaherty Apr 16
Felipe Romero Moreno closing the second session bringing together and . A cause close to my own heart!
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