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Endeavor Flicks Mar 12
Any thoughts on the update before I play? ?
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rxndiv2 1m
sooo apparently you dont put your food half way in the door of the microwave yep okay buddy and im the eiffel tower
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CityNews Toronto 30m
Replying to @CityNews
: York police say Soloman has a tattoo of Jannah's name on his arm. They are in the process of determining whether the situation meets the "strict criteria" of an Amber Alert.
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AFP news agency Mar 17
Replying to @AFP
More than 100 people have died and many more are missing in Mozambique and neighbouring Zimbabwe after tropical
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Wanja Mwaura 15h
and APPEAL My dear friends, we will lay my friend to rest on this coming Friday. However am appealing to all of u to help us in giving Hinga a descent send off. Please stand with me in this, just one last time. I need u my friends. MPESA no. 0726200126 (my number)
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Nine News Queensland Mar 17
Replying to @9NewsQueensland
: The crash between a bus and seven vehicles is causing traffic chaos, as emergency services continue to assess patients at the scene.
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Tiffany Chan Mar 17
Replying to @MassStatePolice
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Sotiri Dimpinoudis 7m
Replying to @TheArabSource
: Quiet Video footage of victory on Tent city camp in , where terrorists surrendered in masses, and preformed suicides instead of giving in. After 9 weeks Kurdish led coalition , , and declared victory. But is not over yet! Video:
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Jasmine Anderson 1h
Replying to @JAndersonWFXG
: homeowner who spent 47years of her life dealing w/alcoholics says, “I don’t want to live with it behind me for the rest of my life. Also says, “our property values will drop.”
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AFP news agency 8h
Replying to @AFPgraphics
Rescue workers in Mozambique are racing against time to pluck people off trees and rooftops after a tropical cyclone left more than 1,000 feared dead before smashing into Zimbabwe
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A Floorist Mar 18
Looking for something different for your office or home? Try the Driftwood line by FloorFolio
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Croq'N'Taste 16h
We want to you on our : March 29 ! 🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜
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HiddenPivots Mar 11
Replying to @HiddenPivots
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TheCryptoCryBaby Mar 18
Replying to @TheCryptoCrybby
PLDT the phillipines leading phone provider is allowing customers to transfer cell data usage to DENT wallets for global calls, this is early stages of adoption but i can foresee this catching on VERY since beta app launched last week. Expect this to pump.
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googfrog 24h
the googfrog says: "meditate!"
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Dracord 18h
Replying to @FC_Violent
The BBB member has been outted as 👀
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Pretzel Mar 18
I update a design od Tic Tac Toe the game. Today I share it on Game Jolt.
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A Conversation For One Podcast 19h
Here’s a little for future episodes:
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Kashir Qoumich Panin Aawaaz 12h
🎥 Custodial Killing of Kashmir Youth Intense Clashes Erupt in .
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Aashish Dutt® 18h
- BJP's Pramod Sawant made Goa Chief Minister at 2am ceremony Mr Sawant will have two deputies - unprecedented for the tiny seaside state. One is from the MGP and the other from the Goa Forward Party
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