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lorita mitchell 10h
I wonder how can say they're independent when they receive funding from . Makes me wonder why they hate so much.
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Steve Brookstein 15h
Let's see what Corbyn has to say about over paid tube drivers striking because one of their comrades got sacked.
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Name cannot be blank 36m
Replying to @IBEW @herk73
If it weren't for my union I would probably be in that 60%.
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Colleen Kirby 11h
we still need We need to change MA Constitution for progressive taxation since the federal government isn’t reigning in monopoly and oligarchy
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Jeff Dec 13
Wow! is really passionate about . Maybe they can direct some of that enthusiasm towards the Town of Tonawanda Employees that have been without a fair contract for 8 years now.
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Wayne D Dec 14
Replying to @ColinDMello
really going after eh?
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RAAAR 🙋 15h
Yeah, the unions pay campaign is really important but can we discuss the fact that I'm ill again for the second time this half term? Our schools have 99% problems and the lurgy is one.
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Is employees are the best asset??
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Tammy Dec 13
Or could lead by reminding voters that we got real pay increases & improved conditions when most people joined their unions? Perhaps are not the bogeymen portrayed by the Libs? Maybe we need them to be strong again?
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George Station 8h
This county prosecutor story may be the most intriguing news outside California this year. (I tend to be biased about CSU & UC updates) Cc
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🇨🇦🇬🇧Christopher Oldcorn🇨🇦🇬🇧 4h
More . lies! Have they ever published anything that wasn't fiction?
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Beecuzz Dec 13
I completely support but their message must be accurate. Based on what I heard from this AM, only management are receiving these buy out packages. So I don't think in this case this message is fair.
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Minnesota Berns for 2020 11h
Replying to @NBCNews
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Irish Temper 🍀🔥 Dec 14
Replying to @crainsdetroit
Vote YES on !!!
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Chris Lee Dec 15
Replying to @USATODAY
Big companies used to act like they understood that the people who worked for them were the source of all the profits and success and treated them fairly. Know why? used to make them by organizing the workers and bargaining together.
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Alan G. Hider B.Sc. 18h
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Climate Watcher 20h
Yes yes yes... We need this now or bust. Unions Should Go Big on a Green New Deal for Canada via
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Union Jobs 23h
The Idaho Education Association seeks an Executive Director based in Boise, ID. Details can be found at:
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Corruption Overlord Dec 15
members must be vigilant of their Pres. We all must activate to stop corruption and the interference and manipulation of the democratic process of our Great We MUST end
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OESPA Dec 15
A great turnout for our Stewards meeting. Lots of important information and planning. 2019 is going to be awesome 👏 !
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