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the7yearswar 40m
needs to remember that they’re ours, not their own thing. Britian is the only way to go
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Red_dragonfly88 10h
I am putting this out to the universe, I curse you! Your karma will Be served ASAP.
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💙💧Han💧💙 3h
Well thats the last time i ever do anything special for you.
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Deepesh Kumar 17h
You could bless someone and they’d still ask why!? 😪
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Susan Compton 7h
it was so nice of you to ignore all your fans that paid extra money and waited for you in the garage area yesterday. Drove 6 hours to support you SO DISAPPOINTED
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Andrea Oct 13
This is the face of a child that stole his mother's donut.
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Alan Fussey Oct 12
Seems a no to pumpkin then
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Replying to @ELISABXTCH
Until you see those accounts with a fat cash stack and fat banks worth near $100k usd and then you’ll want to be gold digging on them trying to sell their gold and then you break up with them because they won’t let you have the password 😂
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FoodieRock559 6h
Replying to @stevebrandau
While many of them are chanting in their heads "death to you Yankees"
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Komal Premjee 24h
At least you got the bolognese
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Carole Oct 12
Stop the world I want to get off! 😭 one way ticket to the moon would be greatly received right now! 🤬
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Big De😂💪🏽 Oct 12
They have Juvenile at Howard homecoming and they are soaking up the greatness 😂
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It’s all about intentions....who can look into the heart...Oh and now I understand why UK did not fancy you...
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Adz 💚🍀 Oct 7
Bolton moaning about home bargains sponsorship. Be glad you're even still a club still SMH.
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Lady makes a face cuz I tipped her $1 for??.. picking up tacos?!.. you didn’t do nothing but ring me up?!.. Stippers would show me there whole butt for $1!!.. GTFOH
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Preston Jacobson Oct 6
Freaking hate Layveon Bell. Glad he's rotting away on a shitty team.
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India ki zuban shame on this shame shame shame. No other words. ☹️ better luck for next time. should give his version. Aj tm logon ka hai. Hamara zamana ae ga phr tmko bhol jaen gy
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Chad Johnston Oct 8
Tim Kelly. I’m off you
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Travis Roth Oct 11
College athletes are still bitching about ONLY getting a free education, room/board and meals worth anywhere from 60-200K. Now they want additional $$?? Talk to the other 95% of non-scholarship students and see what they think of your “hardship”.
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The Cricket Shed Oct 13
Replying to @Saj_PakPassion
Short memories? Pakistan toured Sri Lankan at the height of the Tamil bombings - supported Sri Lankan even though security was a major concern.
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