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Dave Hill 19h
Replying to @pimpmytweeting
It’s not just London either Jo, it’s bloody everywhere. A few months ago someone filmed some drugged up piece of shit having a piss in the middle of the crossroads down from where I live. Apparently the traffic he was so oblivious to were just driving around him.
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Diamond Jackson 2h
Replying to @AltUSPressSec
Obstruction of Justice in plain site this was an order from Putin.
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Manny 12h
That should have happened a LONG time ago! Nobody has just vanished from Extinction Island yet....have they? lol tonight might be the night! How does someone from Brooklyn, NY never learn to throw a ball? Male or Female? 👏
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Rusty Steffansson Apr 24
Replying to @FriedgeHNIC
The penalty didn't cause the loss. It was count them 4 PP goals. I can not think of an implosion of that magnitude. 4 the number of players on the ice. 4 the number of games to win a series. 4 the number of times James Neal has had to have his dental work re-done.
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Dominic Graham 4h
Couldn't agree more. One fan on Tuesday was screaming how shite the team are.
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GV23 Apr 23
Replying to @LoroAsh
You’re gross
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Happy Amadu 19h
We keep switching from one Coach to another & still with no team identity at all 👎🏽. Since when did we start appointing Managers irrationally 😲 & most of all during the season instead of Offseason 👎🏽. is too good for this squad 💯.
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Chris McGovern 11h
ur playoff refs shouldn’t ref YMCA summer camp 10yr old basketball!
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Verena 18h
Somehow this “slip” in Florida on 3rd March for has resulted in a torn acl, 7 weeks on crutches and surgery once back in the U.K. next month 😳
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peter hicks Apr 24
I’m so sick of this bollox non-alcoholic champagne. Who gives a flying fuck if it might offend some half ounce or Muslim. This is our country deal with it or fuck off to the Middle East and play actually makes me want to give up on this country
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George “G Money Baggs” 3h
The fuckin Carolina Hurricanes are trolling us!
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Trivette 13h
I just played at the last bar
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BlueMagic Apr 20
At a wedding right now and the MC(alaga) refused to let the bride dance in with hip-hop even though that was what she wanted, she insisted the wedding was going to be stalled if she doesn't dance in with her own singing... Am amazed right now
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Mark Hamer 5h
I think even Utd fans will have to check twice when they see Paul Pogbas name in the team of the year, played well for a purple of games against Huddersfield and Fulham, absolute non entity when Utd needed him last night
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AC🙋‍♂️ 1h
Replying to @Football__Tweet
Don’t understand how Javier Manquillo could be overlooked
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Michael Manlove 17h
! You sold Kim Duck Head Ung a Condo yet ?
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Faye HardawayShelton 15h
Illegal immigrants in LA CA get free medical care, free housing, food stamps, drivers licenses and in-state tuition. Homeless AMERICANS are dieing in the streets in LA.
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Jeffrey A. Richards 3h
Probably can't tell from the photo, but it's frickin' SNOWING!!! It's April, almost May and it's snowing. ❄ !!!
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Robert Barnes 22h
Replying to @Deancalcutt
Can the silly fu*ker who’s hacked this lads account please stop. Your making him look a right c*nt.
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Marta Jimenez-Aquino Apr 24
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Shouldn’t you be at work?
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