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"Ouch, You're on my Hair" Podcast & Radio Show Aug 4
You can only buy one of these which one do you choose? Pick One!! or
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Bono’s Bible 6h
: “The NIGHT gave you a SONG, a light had been turned on” : “Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God.... at NIGHT his SONG is with me — a prayer to the God of my life.” 42:5-8 NIV 📸: Otto Kitsinger
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U2's 40th anniversary edition of "11 O'Clock Tick Tock" is scheduled for release on Aug. 29, worldwide. Please check with your local shops regarding any safety precautions being taken that day. More info about the record can be found here:
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The Garden Tarts (a U2 podcast) 39m
We've got a lot on our plate this week so, in lieu of a new ep today, we give you more WHISKEY + CAKE. Take a listen to Jenny's fan letter to U2. 🥃 🍰
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Bongolese Aug 4
"I don’t think it’s up to bands to have their politics and point of view worked out. I don’t think it’s up to me as a singer to have answers. I just think it’s important that you put questions."--Bono in '87
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Offended Podcast 1h
This Friday on Offended, it’s our special episode! We are counting down the top 40 songs in the U2 catalog. On a side note: this has been an episode I’ve wanted to do since the very first episode. Even if you’re not the biggest fan, it’s still a great episode!
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Jo D. 22h
DAY 254 : A song with Edge's most underrated guitar riff
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atu2 Jul 30
U2 Donates Whopping Sum to Live Music Industry During Pandemic via
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We've updated our "Upcoming Releases" section, tracking news, rumours, and quotes from the band about upcoming releases:
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Bono’s Bible Aug 2
: “If there is a DARK that we shouldn’t doubt, and there is a LIGHT don’t let it go out” : “Whoever walks in the DARK does not know where they are going. Believe in the LIGHT while you have the LIGHT” Jn 12:35-36 NIV 📸: Remy
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Jo D. 2h
We seriously need more Bedge in our lives.
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Jo D. 6h
'We're free to fly the crimson sky The sun won't melt our wings tonight'
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John Abernathy 19h
This is definitely a place none of us has been. Stay safe, friends. Get this mask and more through my store (link in bio).
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あすか Aug 4
Did I disappoint you or leave a bad taste in your mouth?
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Bongolese Aug 3
"Real division, as the great John Hume says, is in the people’s hearts and minds."--Bono in 2005 (Bono: In Conversation with Michka Assayas)
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We have heard some new rumours about a box set for the 20th anniversary of "All That You Can't Leave Behind" coming this year, including demos and live material. More information here:
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Now Playing on Flashback Alternatives! 7h
- A Day Without Me on
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7Q Aug 3
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Jo D. Aug 2
"Aren't you tired to see the same band live?" No. Never. Because those are moments of such emotional intensity that they leave a mark on you. And that's memories you can revisit whenever you need them. That's the magic of being a fan. You're never alone.
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