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Sky 10h
I don’t understand how Twitter been out all these years and we still don’t have an edit button 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
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Imari Rubio 8h
I only created this account to help me get my old account deactivated . What do I do if I no longer have access to that email on file and would like the account deleted.
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Jack Milton 17h
you don't have to remember maybe you have done the baby sitting (nothing-else)
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Hari Ini Dalam Negara Nov 14
Dear / - I just want to post my own opinions and happenings for my beautiful country Malaysia. Can you please stop deactivating my account??????
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Blarfenglaar Nov 12
Hey Why does it sometimes take me as many as 4 _correct_ authenticator codes to get logged in?
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Barrhaven Bulletin Board & Community Watch Nov 14
Replying to @jack
I'm calling on to ask why he and suppresses opinions of twits who has different views. His concept of freespeech is his opinion ONLY counts. Anyone else, it hatespeech. What a horrible humanbeing. Jack just another evil billionaire
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Jakki #StillWithKaep Nov 17
Replying to @jakki2004
I would seem fair to have a warning system. The first get a warning. 2nd offense you are shut off for24 hours. 3rd offense shut off for a week 4th Then a month. You could also have arbitration...Twitter customers that volunteer to help you.
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pawpaw 3h
Replying to @Matt_Sibley
I want to both like and hate this tweet,
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alan hendrix Nov 16
the show less often isnt longer
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♡ MadaMido0o ♡ ツ Nov 17
I have a problem with my account , I can not follow or follow back more accounts cause i have "follow limit" since 2014 !! what is the solution of this problem ,please reply ?!
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Zach mcmahan Trident’s King official 👑🔱 Nov 11
twitter has no problem suspending awesome great good people in a heart beat like my really great friends Andrew and Ammar but you don’t do shit to the creeps perverts weirdos and bullies who follow my great younger friends and don’t get suspended For inappropriate
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Egg Tarts Nov 17
Replying to @LjcpSg @liamstone_19
Retweet the following post with the comment/hashtags:
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Saranya Nov 14
everytime I dm someone red window pops up above the chat saying "Your message could not be sent" Wth is this? can someone explain why it does that or is there a fix? 🙄🙇🏻‍♀️
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CraftyMaelyss Nov 17
Replying to @travis_dragon00
Seems like a bug, maybe can help?
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Ally Quilty 10h
I am working with a new company’s twitter page and I need to set up an ad account. It is currently ineligible for promoted posts because it is too new. Is there any way around this??
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Zach mcmahan Trident’s King official 👑🔱 Nov 14
why why do you insist on picking on my awesome bro and great friend he’s an awesome talented gifted musician singer songwriter and I’m honored he my friend but twitter always says his account is restricted stop picking on my bro Tyler he’s 👏😡😡
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Lynn M Nov 17
....that’s when I get fkn annoyed. Twitter doesn’t do enough to stop the porn on here. Right now I logged in and saw some bitches pussy. Clean ur shit up twitter!! Ur disgusting
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@livinblueinredstate Nov 18
take this down please.
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Tressa Robbins ✨ Nov 18
Replying to @TwitterSupport
Is the bookmark-removal STILL not fixed? I keep getting an error message that something went wrong ...
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SimplifyMaine 10h
help, please! I have reached out to customer support with no luck. Can somebody help a girl out :)?
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