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JP 3h
Terrible name choice should’ve kept it BB&T or Suntrust or Banking&Trust. Sigh...
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Jacob Hamilton Jun 12
twitter got me dying with the jokes, but my thoughts are: 1. If ANYTHING ever goes wrong, their name goes right out the window 2. It screams board room nodding, not market testing (could be 100% wrong) 3. Truist Park? C'mon now
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ExtremeSteve448 Jun 12
is a bad level marketing mistake.
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Mrs Bonkers Jun 13
Dear SunTrust who the hell came up with ? Seriously? They should never work in branding again. While I have banked with SunTrust for 20 years I may have to change banks on principle alone. I’m sure as hell not going to refer to our beloved Braves stadium as Truist Park. 🤬
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Lewis Jones Jun 12
Big News: New name of the combined Suntrust / BB&T bank will be “Truist”
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Dan Stackhouse Jun 13
I've never been so irrationally angry about a brand. Who wants a bank that makes me sound like I'm drunk every time I say it?
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Hugh Campbell Jun 14
I got an email from my bank and I still can't believe they are naming the new merged bank
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Ramblin Wreck Jun 12
Replying to @rcraverWSJ
Worst. Name. Ever.
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Social Misfit in Atl Jun 12
In true (nlo pun intended) Atlanta form, let's all just keep calling it , like we do Murder Kroger no matter what they do to it. huh? Well...rhymes with Truett I guess...
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Barbarian Capital Jun 12
is Tronc-level toxic. Added layer of confusion with "Trust" as used in banking. Kontoor Brands acceptable, Corteva not bad.
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Melanie Siewert Jun 12
Today was a very good day at work! Excited for the future! Right now it’s just a word, soon it will be a brand!.
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Michael Jun 12
Replying to @ajc
And people accuse the Chick-fil-A cows of causing children to misspell words, yet they landed on . Children won't have a chance. How can we trust a bank who mismanages their own money with this consultant firm?
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Brad Barnard Jun 12
Truist Park = T P = Teepee = Welcome back Chief Noc-A-Homa!
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Tra Williams Jun 14
I legit thought this was a typo. The worst part is that the will now play in Park. If I was a billionaire I’d pay for the stadium sponsorship to prevent that from happening.
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Cosa Nostra 🇬🇭 Jun 13
At the Suntrust/ BB&T merger office party today !! !!!!
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John Jun 12
Been with for 22 years. Not sure I can continue with . That's terrible. Sounds like a toddler made it up. You and have been failed by Interbrand.
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Javier 4 Mar 17
Where the fans at? Just made "Gigantes" tees & "G" caps. Got em ready to serve. 🌉
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Original CriYolo Jun 12
Replying to @SunTrust
The commercial is excellent up until ... the merger isn’t finalized ... take the unanimous market rebuke as an opportunity to try again before the legal merge date.
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Carson Hornsby Jun 12
Replying to @FitzTrubey
is the newest for me
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Evan Chiu Jun 12
Replying to @BBT
I’m really happy with Truist: it’s short, the pronunciation is obvious, no symbols, no camelCasing, it’s a word we can own, the trust legacy from both company names is visible, and the cheesy association with truest is positive.
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