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Jamie Feb 19
Replying to @magichoney12 @NBCNews
I’ll believe it when I see it. So I guess his Military ban of trans people is not anti-gay?
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Sandra Odell 21h
I miss Tony.
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Chelle Chase 23h
It's not "un-American" to point out our faults. Correcting mistakes is how we grow. I love my country, but I don't have to like it right now.
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Beautiful Duwang *chew* Feb 18
Fuck and if it’s supported by someone with your stale hot takes
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āskā-tl Feb 16
If your version of being a feminist stops at women’s rights then you’re not doing it right, you’re doing it white.
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tryingtopīataata Feb 16
Replying to @aniobrien @0800Phantom
Got no time for trans exclusion
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Numa Feb 19
Gwynevere was doxxed and harassed for months that I know of, starting getting threatening calls, started feeling watched, only to be killed by her homophobic father. She was loved ❤️
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Jonathan Ⓥ 🏳️‍🌈 Feb 21
Replying to @4EverJohnnyBoy
9/9 ...trivializes going on in and the world makes you feel good about yourself and your life well maybe it's time to do some inner reflection.
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Sylvia Coulter Feb 18
As a straight trans girl, allow me to say that trans lesbians are lesbians. Period the end. ⚢🌈
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T. C. Feb 21
The world needs to know that Trans people (particularly Trans women of color) are being brutally murdered at alarming rates. Become an ally, advocate for & support Transgender Rights. Lives really are depending on you.
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Feltus Frost Feb 16
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B 🌱 Feb 20
Replying to @sorraya__
Like how are you going to have and in your profile and defend a kid wearing a MAGA hat? GTFO.
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Cream Faced Business Bear @ANE Feb 16
Replying to @CryptidAnt
I wish every trans person could have such a loving family and people to care for them and search for them when they go missing
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Rosie Feb 14
Thank you for making the decision to stop advertising in the Daily Mail. A great decision and will help to stop funding the politics of hate and division ❤️
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Kop Outs! 🌈⚽🏳️‍🌈 16h
Replying to @LFC_LGBT
Apologies, just noticed the + Should obviously have been +
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Drew Feb 16
Love seeing protect trans kids shirt thank you for doing that and giving the trans community some representation
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Javania M. Webb Feb 20
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Rev Ree Feb 19
Replying to @NBCNews
And yes I don’t agree with everything Pres Trump does by any means but he’s not the villain people make him out to be imo Great thing about America is we are allowed to have our own opionions & beliefs! I also respect others even if they differ from mine
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Stop Transphobia 8h
STOP TRANSPHOBIA Please share and help in trying to put an end to bigotry and intolerance.
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SVTV Network 8h
SVTV Network continues it’s celebration of Black History Month! ✊🏽 . . Celebrating the pioneers in the Black Trans community who have lost their lives by being true to themselves.
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