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6IX 18h
I've been active on Clickworker for a while now. It's a site where you can some money on the side by , and doing research. I think it's something you'd be into. Check it out. Registration is free.
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translationandsocials 13h
Think are a recent phenomenon? Adrian Molto presents a brief of memes - shows two examples from 1891 in Harper’s and from 1921 in The Octopus.
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New Jobs Near You: Translating - Interpreting Stop By One Stop. Thousands Of Jobs.
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Avantpage Oct 12
Effectively starts with ensuring the translators who are working for your are certified, qualified, and have experience in translating for the healthcare industry.
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Jaroslav's Pen Oct 14
"At times, the accused reverted to his old form of trickery—perhaps a singular case in the history of criminality—the possibility that he, himself, was the missing and murdered person."
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ChrisP 19h
OK, my voice is shot after using the voice recog program all day yesterday, but even so seeing it render "harnesses must incorporate an anti-trauma system" as as "...must incorporate an antique tramway system" is pretty weird.
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ChrisP 21h
There's something strangely comforting in this morning's first voice recog gaffe: it rendered "reinforced soles" as "reinforced souls".
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Looking for Translators - Interpreters Visit: Apply today - get hired tomorrow.
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Demolition Woman Oct 16
How about those agencies that contact you for extremely technical work, ask you to print, fill out, sign, scan and mail them dozens of forms, and then offer a rate you haven't seen since we switched to Euros? 🤬
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Local Language Access Oct 15
Spread the word: the the internet into
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Jobs / Translating - Interpreting - Classified Ads Visit: Post Your Ads Right Now!
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thebigword 18h
"In the process of documents, there is no room for mistakes or ." Check out our :
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Dotwords Oct 11
Here’s an advice for you today to keep in mind when translating: never take Google Translate too seriously!
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Be Moore Interpreting 3h
This we're grateful for our , Arelis Pena Brito, who recently completed a rushed 3000 word translation in less than 12 hours! Arelis, we're nothing without you! THANK YOU!
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Cicero Translations Oct 9
7 ways to avoid hitting a brick wall with learning and development translation
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ChrisP Oct 16
Spanish: "the full set of members of the said group who were present" English: "everyone there"
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Critical Link Oct 14
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ChrisP Oct 14
When you ask the customer to confirm that some odd things you've found in the text are just typos & he replies with a message titled "commnets". That.
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Catharine Cellier-Smart - FR to ENG Translator Oct 14
The For: Vegans, vegetarians and the battle of modern words via
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