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BSG Jul 9
Replying to @RealWayneRoot
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Tommy Duggan Jul 13
Replying to @SenKamalaHarris
Right now countless AMERICANS are living in the streets afraid of being raped, stabbed or murdered...... but we get it.... you only care about citizens of other countries. why don't you take care of the Americans in your district instead of citizens of other nations?
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Karim Kissou 10h
Replying to @DrDavidDuke
Why can he tell the Jews to pack and leave if they don’t like Americans criticisms instead he silenced Americans to protect Jews then he allowed them to put a law against his own people Shameful
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❌Bud USArmy ❌ Jul 17
Replying to @MittRomney
Go away you blew your chance
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#PunchTheLies🤛 14h
Duterte on West Philippine Sea: “As far as I’m concerned, I’m the owner, and I’m just giving China fishing rights.” 😳😱😡
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Fury_H-D 🇺🇸 16h
Replying to @SpeakerPelosi
Your resigning ? Good !
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Warrior Queen Jul 16
Trump has been trashing the United States of America for many years.
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Q Patriot 6h
Replying to @justinamash
Words of wisdom from a 🐍💩 VS. Words of wisdom from a ⤵️🇺🇸
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Chuck Garza Jul 16
Replying to @ravena68 @rosedixontx
This is rich coming from her!
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LiberalJarhead ⭕️ Jul 16
Replying to @LindseyGrahamSC
Enjoy this last term in off
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Zero Corruption, 100% Development Jul 10
We need justice. hang the terrorist Luthufee
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Diogenes 13h
. Such lies! . Anyone believe this? ANYONE?
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Sxull 17h
Replying to @An3ita5 @TheWeek
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The Corporatist Jul 16
Replying to @marcorubio
Thou shalt NOT bear false witness. I think there’s a word missing in the Republican bible Marco.
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Bruno Amato Jul 10
Replying to @senatemajldr
Amy McGrath is coming for you oldtimer. .
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GeekTexas 13h
Replying to @thehill @RandPaul
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KJ Medina Jul 16
= I love Russia and Russian interference as long as we win. , and WikiLeaks is amazing too since it helped us win in 2016.
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CoolVirginMary Jul 16
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Sxull Jul 16
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
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SnowWhiteQueen66 Jul 16
Yeah a lot of that going around‼️
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