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Rep. Donna E. Shalala 2h
We've worked tirelessly for months for this day. Today, I'll proudly cast my vote to grant to Venezuelans. Regardless of outcome, I remain steadfast in my commitment to the Venezuelan community. I will continue fighting for you and with you every day.
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Osho Siddharth Aulia 16h
at Karma is not just a school, but a dream of Oshodhara for next generation. Please contact at +91 93347 25125 & contribute in the name of Osho Siddharth Foundation A/C no. 35365686119, SBI Bikramganj Branch, Bihar, IFSC-SBIN 0003616. Donations are covered under 80G & 12A.
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Louisma Julsaint, recipient from is asking for a for TPS.
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Sukanti Bhave Jul 19
The last few days I can see more people talking about TPS for Venezuelans. Please keep that conversation going. NOW
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Adam Daniel Mezei 19h
LEMME GET THIS STRAIGHT: If knew -- in advance -- that the Danforth Terrorist Shooting (not mental illness, that was a sufficient, not necessary, condition to the act) was imminent -- having responded -- according to Colon-- I mean, "Chief" Saunders -- "Three minutes and...
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Juan DONT OPEN THE DOOR Escalante Jul 16
*GASP* You mean, like, they weren’t ever serious about it? Oh, wow
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alsiha60 1h
I am a Venezuelan of your district. We need your vote today to support H.R. 549 Venezuela Act of 2019. To permit nationals of to be eligible for temporary protected status preventing their removal from the USA. Thank you! 🙏🏽
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TriplePlaySports Jul 16
We would like to congratulate our Champions Royals and Runner ups ET Naturals in our Midnight Madness tournament. These boys played from 5pm to 9am and gave it all they had.
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Juan DONT OPEN THE DOOR Escalante 19h
Replying to @JuanSaaa
AS IT STANDS: Democrats will need 55 Republicans — the exact number depends on how many members show up to vote on the bill — instead of a simple majority to vote on the measure.
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Claudia Bednarczyk 23h
Lovely visit today at heritage child care and early learning centre with adorable kids and pretty awesome helpers 🤗
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Sukanti Bhave 23h
Colombia has already let in all Venezuelans fleeing that socialist tyranny. More countries need to do this. now.
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If a permanent solution is not found, 300k+ recipients lose work authorization+become priorities for deportation by .
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Jacqueline Charles Jul 22
Actually it does not!! DHS extended for & others until 1/2/20 due to court case. TPS docs are valid & extended by law until then. All employers and DMVs must honor it.
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Replying to @SecPompeo @nayibbukele
Families we need a solution permanent for Families
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Look at the status of Bystack sidechain--Vapor. The max TPS reached 8513 and the transactions hit 349820 within 3 days! Another milestone of Bytom blockchain.
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Justin Sun Jul 21
Lesson 4: What is ? Check it out.
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JRiv Jul 21
Putting in work with that controller in "Boots On The Ground" console ready!!
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Venn Healthcare Jul 21
Studies show that the NEUROLITH®TPS® not only maintains the cognitive abilities of patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease, but even improve them significantly.
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Win Without War Jul 19
Syrians with Temporary Protected Status in the U.S. will hear whether they’re at risk of deportation to a warzone in 2 weeks. But Congress can block the Trump administration & save TPS for Syria. 🚨 ACT NOW!
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better serve my community's immigration needs, I saw fit to get certified from the nation's largest and best immigration school, Latin American Immigration Association Educational Institution. This certification will allow me to provide more information . CALL 305.433.5686
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