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Business Guff 28 Sep 17
to this guff from : "Mainstream government that would deliver for mainstream Britain"
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Dusty Dec 13
Replying to @LowTaxChloe @neill_bob
Chloe, I can tell you this one does: Unashamedly he's told every constituent who asked him not to rebel against that he's a 'representative not a delegate'!? Which he thinks means he can say & do whatever the hell he likes & we're to lump it.
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The Laird McDermott 1 Oct 17
I'm sure Mrs May can reunite her party by promising to bring back in the next
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Jagger208 Feb 17
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sheila mary roberts 27 Sep 17
Replying to @milo1234
how desperate are they take a look at their 🐀🐀🐀
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Noel Finn Jan 14
Usual misrepresentation but sadly some might agree without knowing the facts... so I have put a link up of the Tory 1992 manifesto so Please read your by John Major .... its got privatisation all over it...
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Darion j Pagan. Nov 27
Social injustice is the foundation of strong leadership
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FireDragon1952 Aug 31
, can anyone name a policy that improves people's lives.
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Derbyshire Dales CLP Apr 6
“This is from the Derbyshire this time last year.. Take a look at the bit about reversing Labour cuts. If they have found £233m in underspends and also raised council tax by the...
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Noel Finn Jul 5
Replying to @Jeremy_Hunt
I believe you maybe be *part* architect to the last is this true ?
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Paul Maders Apr 30
Replying to @mattzarb
You can give a 1000 monkeys typewriters but you won't get Shakespeare but you might get a
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scarlet monahan Dec 17
Theresa May.. "like poking a dead mouse with a stick" 64
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Jagger208 Aug 10
Thanks for that. The truth will set you free. Give an example of one of theses profit making healthcare companies. Why wasn't this in the ?
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JustSayin 4 Oct 17
Just seen speech chose for policies in their Now scrapped in favour of policies!
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Clare Jordan Jun 18
Replying to @ahddrv
Wow. It's beginning to sound like a promise everything, dodgy costing (lies), claim is only option, cut back public services so your buddies can make millions at the suffering of the
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Susie Hewson 12 Oct 17
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Charlene UK 🐶 15 Oct 17
Replying to @662Maz
And have you read the Tory manifesto? Won't take long. Most of it's been scribbled out
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Jagger208 Feb 28
Replying to @TomLondon6 @NAJ562
Making May change the laughable before the ink was dry
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Rɪᴄᴋ Fᴀɴᴅᴀɴɢᴏ Apr 1
, the “do nothing” PM. Analysis reveals of 447 commitments, 181 have been ditched. Four promises a week since published last May. Over every area of policy health & social care, home affairs, transport, justice and environment 😕
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George Eccles Nov 12
⁩ And are you proposing that, as before, over 2 million UK citizens residing outside the UK (including 600,000 in the EU) should be excluded from this ? What is your party’s position on this?
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