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TLR Apr 3
In part 2 of the growing trend of large court-ordered settlements in truck crash lawsuits series, Lee Parsley, general counsel for TLR, said the verdict amount announced from such cases isn’t always what gets paid out. Read & RT:
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TLR Mar 31
Thirty judicial candidates across Texas who were headed to a runoff election to decide their races must come to terms with waiting three extra weeks because of the outbreak. Read & RT:
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American Integrity Mar 30
The 2021 Legislative Session may be far away, but it’s never too early to remind our leaders why Floridians need, and deserve, tort reform. Read this opinion piece from to learn why the fight for is just beginning.
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Patricia Lee Mar 30
. Include Excess Malpractice Insurance Coverage in the NYS budget and Reject 50% cost share.
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Peter Tad Burchard Apr 3
So in is possible? I wonder how this might shield management from lawsuits by their doctors, nurses & all ee's for placing them - perhaps negligently - in harms way? Full article is valuable reading.
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🇺🇸NJ & America 1st🇺🇸 24h
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TLR Mar 30
"If the freight's there, it's got to move... If we stop, the world stops." As has proven, without the commercial transportation industry, our entire supply chain breaks down. Read & RT the latest TLR Blog:
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Robert S Watson Mar 29
Replying to @RepDanCrenshaw
Then we need to do . If we don’t fix the legal system as it revolves around healthcare, we’re going to have to go to singles pay. It’s too costly otherwise.
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RoyedRage Mar 29
Replying to @paulkrugman
That is because the democrats love their drug addicts, their illegal aliens bringing in tuberculosis, their law suits against doctors, lawsuits against big pharma....
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Grant, McCooley & Sphincterpopper, LLC Mar 29
Replying to @HealyValley
Father of this cancer patient thinks he'll be able to get a LAWYER cuz of the reckless disregard of known risks by Childrens WI exposing his immunocompromised child to ? Doctors are PROTECTED y'all! Federal bill in Congress RIGHT NOW:
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Healy Valley Health Network Mar 29
My colleague, in reckless disregard of known risks, traveled outside the state during a PANDEMIC. He now has tested + for , exposing his immunocompromised patients. Good luck gettin' that , y'all.
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