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Gino 2h
Put some respect on Name. 3ships 2MVPS . is in my 🏅🏅🏆🏆🏆🏀
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magicdonshaun 17h
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TVC 6h
There was a time in our lives (if you know, you know) when these particular utensils were in vogue. If you remember any of these, tells us in the comment 👇 1. COAL IRON 2. GRINDING STONE 3. LANTERN 4. STAINLESS CUPS 5. ABO AJASE.
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Juice Landry Jul 17
This nigga Wayne said “ima let em rob me, yeah like Ryan Lochte” 😂😂 for that line alone 😂😂
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Matt Doyle Jul 14
Time for most viewed older posts this week. Much like last week, I'm not using posts that appeared in the previous week.
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SoftProdigy Store 10h
Know the value these can add to your online business.
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99JAMZ Jul 12
CONGRATULATIONS to our of July! 1. “Let Us Live” 2. “Wil’n” 3. “Back Up On It” ft 4. “Out The Mud” 5. “Everyday” VOTE NOW:
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Edwin The Scholar 11h
Goodnight Sleep Tight Don't let the bed bugs bite
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Correction: #5 is a big splash entrance by !! Welcome to the weekly by active addresses!!
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Jack Wagner Jul 14
Thank you for the love & support this week!!🏌🏻‍♂️🏌🏻‍♂️
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Take a look at the best practices that define “best in class” /4HANA adopters and set them ahead of their competition
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Baskets Galore Jul 17
It's and here are the Top 10 most popular ones across the world. Do you agree? What are your Top 5 most frequently used emojis?
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salil arunkumar sand 6h
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passionfruit Jul 14
one of the tweets I ever seen was someone asking what’s the best jayz deep cut and someone responded “lance un rivera”
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John McDowell Jul 17
Replying to @BelkhadirY
describes genetics experiment to artificially evolve flg22 variants that are not recognized. Can they make a variant that is not bound by FLS2 but still suffices for flagellar motility
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ExposureU 17h
🔹Name Daeonte Mitchell 🏛School Trinity academy Prep 🎓Class 2024 📍City, State Wichita Ks 🏈Position QB 📊Height 5’9 180 lbs 🏋🏼‍♂️squat, bench, powerclean, 40 📚GPA 3.5 🐦 @makeithappen_p
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Alana | Course Charted ✈ Jul 17
It’s and unsurprisingly my top 5 emojis are: ✈️ ☕️ 🌅 📸 ⛰ What are your emojis ?!
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Hayley Dunn Jul 17
Replying to @WibblingJo
Here's my items for my summer to-do list: 1. Review my annual planner of events/key deadlines (example in the pg 193-195) 2. Set up my diary for 2019/20 3. Review CPD needs for me/team 4. Review my strategic priorities 5. Treat my office to a good spring clean!
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The Journalix Jul 17
So Young - Suede (Suede - 1993) From their winning debut album
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The Journalix Jul 16
Trash - Suede (Coming Up - 1996)
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