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Gary Seward 4h
My immediate summary - SHITE! There should be plenty left in the tank for “Smash the Skates Tuesday” because we only played in the second half and even then we only ran in the middle third of the pitch! Not good enough...! More moaning to follow...
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Mayank Chauhan Sep 18
Trying to enroll for fresh Voter I-Card from Last month still didn't get any further information. Does ECI work at the time of election only ???? Also didn't receive any information about BLO.
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RunJMH Sep 18
Replying to @AshaRangappa_
Deer. Meet headlights.
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Grav Sep 11
Replying to @gunnerzam @BBCSport
I already did Zaman :p Read the other replies
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Tony Johal Sep 18
When you get into the office treats too late ..... 😝 @ Tony Johal Real Estate Team - Your Home Sold GUARANTEED or We Buy It
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Josh Levine 22h
Do y’all think Malcom butler knows why they throw it at him so much
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Richard Askew Sep 19
Replying to @StateOfLinkedIn
Balls. I just saved this.
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MissDumbledory Sep 11
This is too funny! Tobias will have to speed up if he wants to catch his dinner 😂😂😂
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Jenn Tofanelli Sep 18
Life in the fast lane. qutrealworld @ QUT Kelvin Grove
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Carlos Saavedra Sep 18
Replying to @TheAdamsEra
gotta be faster with the hit stick my brotha.
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Kyler Sep 18
Replying to @LoseeAndrew
Might just go with Wentz anyways. I have no choice this week now. Crazy to me both my top options this week came off the board. I kind of expected Allen to be picked up but not Jimmy G. Oh well.
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Dawood Sep 14
This all fucking year! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
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Murrda Sep 12
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🇪🇺Alex🇬🇧Durrani🇪🇺🔸#Revoke #FBPE Sep 14
Replying to @VodafoneUK @EE
Any news on when my Network unlock code is going to arrive? Request put in 2nd September - apparently it takes 2 days. Still no hi pdate despite 2 phone calls.
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Mark Daubney Sep 14
three hours twenty for 9 holes for the last group, really
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What is going on in our area? Quads have been taken from Trecastle this weekend, Heol Senni & Libanus and elsewhere previously. Also lots of stock taken & items etc elsehwhere. Where are Much more needs to be done & more swiftly.
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Leon Kohrs Sep 17
I don't think it is fair to make me place an order, and only tell me 6hrs later that it will take 2 WEEKS to deliver. 2 weeks is never ok. Especially not if you pretend like you are selling something you have in stock.
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Simon Dancer Sep 14
Replying to @robeastaway
Yes. And if there is a full day’s play you might see 82 overs.
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Duke Hagenburger Sep 13
Still unsure why it will take EIGHT years to build this 1.9miles.....according to website, started in 2014, to open in 2022. Love all the new rail, still dumbfounded by the TIME.....
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@joDumire64 Sep 15
🙋🏼‍♀️ I guess I was Toowrong , Tooright or Oh well🤟
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