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The_BuLL_Oz Mar 19
I had a crush on you, I shoot my shot. In the end, you missed the chance hunny not me!
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Mike Wilson Mar 12
Replying to @dmac1043 @AltitudeSR
Nowwww you want to talk Nuggets 🙄
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montrealaisemalaise Mar 18
Replying to @KamalaHarris
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Joanie💙 Mar 20
Will gin make me feel better?
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NewOnNetflixUK -fan- Mar 15
'Jack Whitehall Gets Around: Live from Wembley Arena' has been removed from Netflix UK after about 37 months.
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Margaret Crowley Mar 18
Replying to @DSzymborski
Winter’s over.
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NewOnNowTV -fan- 16h
'Finding Dory' has been removed from Now TV after about 6 months.
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NewOnNetflixCAN -fan Mar 20
'Love, Wedding, Marriage' has been removed from Netflix CAN...
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Shawn DeVoe Mar 20
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
You going to criticize this soldier/veteran to you petty little man?
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The Dirvinator Mar 18
Replying to @Treyarch
More like
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Melissa Wagner 🦎 Mar 20
Replying to @sanguinebio
$50 is nothing in relation to the costs my parents had to pay out for my mom's treatment and she died. Oops.
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Isildur's Bane Mar 20
don't bother tuning in to May's statement, just watch a re-run of the last one she did.... same old shit. round-round-round we go... Hard Brexit, Soft Brexit, No Brexit, I don't really care... whatever the choice, shit is going to hit the fan 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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Sam Smethers Mar 20
Replying to @ayeshahazarika
She's doing a Trump. Maybe she's going to announce she's building a wall to keep the ERG out of the Conservative Party?
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Jesse Standiford Mar 18
Why can’t I ever sleep?
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NewOnNetflixCAN -fan 12h
'Land of Mine' has been removed from Netflix CAN after about 18 months.
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Kyle Johnson Mar 19
Don't even bother with online. is quicker and has better customer service..... Kerry. They couldn't even change an address/cancel an order 20 mins after placing it.
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NewOnNetflixUSA -fan 4h
'Ali & Nino' has been removed from Netflix USA after about 24 months.
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Robert Sills 9h
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TKsellshomes 9h
It's been busy! Don't be left out of the Spring Market!
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Marine Science 12h
170 countries have pledged to significantly reduce by 2030. The original proposal was to completely eradicate by 2025, but was by several major . More than 4,700 delegates took part in the meeting - but is it ?
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