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savannah 8h
when u sick as shit cus u ruined all ya friendships for a piece of shit boyfriend that left u when everyone told u he would
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Stephen Rushworth 18h
Councillor Burden asks question on parking problems at Bodmin offices.
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Arkangyle ヽʕ •ᴥ•ʔノ Jan 22
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Shannon Knutsen Jan 9
I've been sounding the alarm about to Conservative media peeps for almost three years. At one point I was warned to "be careful" and "don't piss off Steve" I hate to say it but...
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Alan Hubbell Jan 12
Replying to @AmericanAir @MCO
Thanks. Nothing but patience given 2nd occurrence on same trip. staffing and service was problematic .
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chantal taylor Jan 20
Replying to @Andy_Wheatley
Yup. Someone got fleeced
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Meaux Green Jan 9
wow looks almost exactly like my chart
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Rachel🌹 Jan 19
I'm buzzin' for the Paramore concert tomorrow night, my excitement went into this portrait of !❣️
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LaurenPsychProject Jan 10
Don't prove me right and be the one person who conforms to peer pressure at that wild party. I know you will though 🤣. -Asch
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Michele Spillane 11h
Clearly the memo is . If there’s nothing there there, why not let this play out. would great joy out of saying bc in his world hes always right.
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Dave Ferguson 17h
Replying to @SheSnapsGaming
Kid you not. Was in bed just waking up and my watch goes off with this.
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Melissa Kinsella Jan 10
Replying to @ASlavitt
And who will be impacted negatively by this? Trump voters in Kentucky.
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Nicole Somusson 5h
Replying to @hulu_support
😂 Finally convinced my husband that we needed to catch up on our shows only to have the app not be working, his response but look who got the last laugh now that it’s working again!
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Celtics Puck Jan 11
Easiest win of the year for the boys against , thanks for the practice guys. 7-2 dub, goals from Zach G (3), Matt L (3) and Jack E.
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Wanstead and Rum Jan 22
Less than 9 days and opens in . Who’s excited!!??
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Doyenne de Disport Jan 9
Replying to @LeeDixon2 @arlowhite
Congrats. You’re a genius.
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Mr.OHistory17-18 Jan 22
Replying to @maria_loren5
Now that you see it, you can't un-see it. BTW- even the sign is mimicking traditional Japanese architecture. It's everywhere!
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Ryan Michael 🏈 Jan 21
What a throw by .
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AGB Jan 10
Nothing is better than the satisfaction of knowing you were right from the beginning.
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Nessie Jan 21
Once a scam coin, always a scam coin. delisted from
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