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DUNJUICE® 🎭 Apr 21
Replying to @iProllyBonedHer
Str8 sheets
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Simon Clancy Apr 11
We have a producer job going at JOE working across shows like , & plus a host of new ones launching soon. We want someone with 3+ years of radio/TV experience, & ability to cut audio, script, with strong editorial nous.
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Queen Tamara 💫 4h
Pre Birthday Behavior! 🌬
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Nanko 8h
Replying to @elledee00
In this case yes,
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Pete Parker Apr 21
Replying to @BTSportBoxing
Khan has the quickest excuses.
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Mark Vale Apr 17
This is what happens when you play with my 1yr old daughter. Yes this is my blood.
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Anthony Benjamin Apr 21
If thinks his nuts are on his hip, I'm surprised he's a father.
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Carl Frampton MBE Apr 10
Round 10 of the podcast is available to listen to now with myself, & the best prospect in all of boxing?
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Ken Reid Apr 15
Ovechkin just dropped the gloves with Schevnikov A convincing win for Ovie .
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ô¿ô™️ Apr 20
Replying to @MYAPLANET9
Haven’t checked the new video out yet!! Working but been listening to all day
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Justin Apr 20
Replying to @Andrew___Baker
Maybe not 0 per se
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Claude G.❌ Apr 20
"DOWN, THE FALL AND READY FOR WHATEVER" ARE MY FAV SONGS FROM The music video is more than amazing♥️👑🔥 and MYA IS a real QUEEN! Sand, beach, water, trees.... it's a new MASTERPIECE 🎉
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barry lamb 8h
The mailman just made the day a lot better. You guys nailed it. .
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SportsJOE Apr 12
Ever stopped a robbery? has! 😲 Ahead of his WBA & WBO world title fight in a few hours, let's throw it back to when 'Million Dolla Crolla' came on with to talk him thwarting a robbery! 👇 Full episode 👇
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Nirmal Patel 22h
Are Lane’s comments out of line.....610... 😂
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Paul Watson Apr 17
April 16th 2019 drop PS5 details and blow peoples minds drop a cloud based console which is more expensive than media and cloud based alternative
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Lauren Gambino Apr 17
Sooo I asked every parent to drop the name of their favorite child in the chat... and got burned... BY MY OWN MAMA.
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Habib Apr 21
fought on with fractured eye socket and couldn't wait to call him a quitter! What does this fight make him. put this clown in his place.
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SportsJOE Apr 15
"I'm in a sport where if I don't prepare, my life is at stake." 😶 New British Light Heavyweight Champion on why boxing is the most selfish sport in the world. 🥊 Watch with on YouTube:
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Bodega Boxing Mar 24
😳😱 wow what a finish! Sergey Lipinets TKOs Lamont Peterson on the 10th round. Lamont announced after the fight he is retiring from boxing. The man went out on his shield, have to respect it. Props to Peterson for the career he had
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