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🎮 Atreyeu 🕹️ Feb 18
Replying to @saysallymay
ANY other weekend would do, just not that one 😛
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James Parsons Jan 25
Just received some very bad news - daughter has plucked up the courage to tell me she actually now supports Tottenham. She broke the news when we went 2-0 down.
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Elham Basha 1h
we’re so stressed out these days, because we believe everything needs to happen right now. We forget that everything happens in perfect timing. We might even start doubting if it's real !!!
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CregganDerry Jan 19
Replying to @dmcbfs
100%. Vast vast majority of anti-SF/ anti-GFA people I know in Derry are now against the use of shootings and bombs etc. It's times like this I go all conspiracy theorist to be honest....
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mandy jordan Jan 29
Brrrrr....A freezing cold 3 mile club run to look forward to. Started sleeting just as I laced up
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Doug Dennis Jan 24
finish an article (about pens) at 10 am that speculates that Hunter Strickland will sign with SEA or KC; get news 2 hours later that he signed with SEA; edit article (sadly).
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Caitlin Johnstone ⏳ Jan 16
Uh-oh, turns out America has to stay in Syria after all you guys.
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Neil Friday McGourty Jan 22
For reasons too long to go into my eldest decided to carry the vacuum down the stairs. It’s way too big and heavy for her so hearing the banging I went to the rescue. Taking it saying “you could fall and hurt yourself...” I promptly fell down the stairs and hurt myself.
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Stanley ezinna 14h
is everything. Together with preparation it governs our success or failure. There is a time for urgency and a time for patience. Life is ebb and flow. Sometimes we need to be still and sometimes we need to move with speed and passion. .
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Nancy Baker Feb 18
Replying to @KMacTWN
Kind of. My “couch” is beachside in Cabo. . Try it. You and your family might like it!
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Majid Haq Jan 30
Watching bat is like rewinding back 20 years to watching my all time favourite batsmen Saeed Anwar in his prime.
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Jacqui Oatley Jan 26
Just walked through my front door after Forest game and Radio 4 this morning (4am start) in time for full of Cup drama with a glass of 🍷.
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Lily Michaels🦋 Feb 3
His was impeccable. The man who was the personification of everything Sebastian desired most in a partner walked into his life when he couldn’t speak, couldn’t sing, couldn’t entice him with his voice. The one part of Sebastian that was impossibly perfect.
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Maxim Roy Jan 15
And oddly enough I needed those words. ✨🔮
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Sc Lala 7h
Is it just me, am I the only one who thinks Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper should be a couple?
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Brita Filter Jan 23
The of this is kind of weird for Koskinen.. Signs a new deal probably feeling great, then 24 hours later that same move is the final one before the GM gets fired.. I hope he can separate that shit because it’s not him at all.
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Miguel Alejandro Espinosa Feb 13
The word of today is “likely.” Definitions, connotations, subtext, and how it might interplay with “certainty.” When both are used to describe the same situation by different people.
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PresidentDreams Feb 13
When you do not need it, do not look back on the past. Look back on the past when you need to look back
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Garland #2 🍾🇹🇨 Jan 29
What’s For You , Will Always Be For You ‼️, Believe That !!
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David McNeilly Feb 16
In John 4, Jesus made His way through Samaria which the Jews then avoided to meet with a woman who would come to a well there.
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