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Devonshire and Meads 1h
not at all!! It's . We are ready in are you?
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Rita O'Brien 4h
Labour out in Gorrell on a beautiful Easter Monday evening- even Tories are planning to vote Labour
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Nick Burns Apr 22
Replying to @NFFC
For one of the worst games the city ground will ever witness! Dinosaur v Dinosaur in 2019 should never happen. No football spectacle today, imagine being so excited at the start of the season, to witnessing the kind of football now being delivered.
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Val P 15h
Replying to @ChaseOnGame
That’s a surprise - said no fan, all freaking year...
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Stacey Champion 20h
Replying to @ChampPR
No more bullshit status quo... Our underserved communities need fighters, not complacent politicos.
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Aunt Sally Apr 22
I don't know who these elected people think they are, this government is totally out of control, self serving and that's putting it mildly.
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David 5h
Even for me who likes a good salad regardless of my size (before anyone comments) that was a lot of salad items. It was however pretty tasty with the low fat soy, ginger and chilli dressing.
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Edith B. Ornelas 10m
In words, only 1% of funding goes to minority owned business, Yes 1%!!!
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Prashant Menezes Apr 22
Replying to @arunjaitley @INCIndia
Are you forgetting that you are also part of NDA government at the centre today, if not u dont have a majority & mind it, u wont b able to make a government at the centre this time without any MILAAWAT
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Devonshire and Meads 21h
Your 3 local Labour candidates are keen to bring about change in the Devonshire Ward and as local residents visit some of their favourite places such as the Dolphin and the Crown & Anchor where they regularly meet for Politics in the Pub.
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Jacob Gohl Apr 22
Lil Ducky’s new song Earth is what I’m here for!
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Connie Nolan Apr 22
Replying to @marcuschown
Then May compounded Cameron’s error. Bellicose politicians seized the opportunity to important positions like Johnson appointed Foreign Secretary, Davis to Brexit minister & were found out as incompetent. What a scandal.
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Claire Hall 1h
Replying to @CostaCoffee
It's ridiculous grown people moaning about plastic free straws! You're an adult you don't need a bloody straw!
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💧Jonathan🚰🐟🦆🌳🍍🍉🥑🚮🔁🚸 Apr 21
😣😥😢 *chilling* Makes my blood run cold to read & think of this most blatant oppression. How can the ugly nastiness of such hypocritical prejudice & discrimination not be screaming for justice in the ears of our leaders?
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Ana Melendez 18h
Changing my blog domain soon. I already changed my logo.
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Profanity Jane 🌊 23h
Replying to @justicedems
It’s always been the white mans government!
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RunS1moRun 2h
Replying to @TheNewEuropean
It feels more and more like a real life version of The Castle every day. Only even more frustrating.
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lee ward 8h
2 and half hours on hold other day to and now up to a hour today and still on hold what's happening
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Amanda Apr 22
Replying to @a_crazymama
Additionally, it appears the funding formula is based on a series of gross miscalculations and deserves immediate review and modifications. (8/14)
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Katrina Thompson 15m
Watching the peoples assembly live from at so proud of everybody there, no alcohol, no drugs, no trouble, no violence, just peaceful bring humanity together
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