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Kelly O 21 Jul 12
I just ran 6.48 mi in 55:50 with a 08:37 min/mile pace using . Wrong! GPS off. Did 5 miles.
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Dale 24 Jul 14
Second night in a row failed,
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Ollie Hill 24 Mar 16
Replying to @ohhollygosh
Looks like Nike's changed their API. Tapiriik and the Nike+ Data Exporter aren't syncing either
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Angelea Preston 1 Mar 13
Never again will I purchase a strada cateye wireless
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Victor Fabian Oct 1
Not very happy with this, After many years as a loyal subscriber, I think it's time to jump ship.
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Tesla Beard 26 Sep 12
Get out for my first run since moving and my stopwatch breaks 2 mins into the run!!
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Ace 17 Jun 11
Replying to @aliciajones16
still getting lost driving to your college of 4 years
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Mick O'Meara 24 May 13
great work man! You'll be able to handle a whole 1k soon!
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Ben Woodhouse Jun 28
Support is shit! Buy new Ionic on , it doesn't work & you try to replace new one with refurbished?
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Candice Appleby Jul 16
Any other users out there having syncing issues? The past few weeks the only way I can get my runs to sync is to create a new activity and even doing so it still takes about an hour to connect to and
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Tim 27 Jan 12
Replying to @laurenntopete
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