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Damian Smith 2h
Those umbrellas, that street & that puddle. Probably the most photogenic puddle in Dublin City
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La Dec 11
- Watching tonight and your guest - Ryan Williams? a doppelgänger for ... they could be brothers!
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Deactivate🤬 Dec 11
Replying to @KevinHart4real
FURTHERMORE once they let trump in office and literally said his morals meant nothing things changed. You hold the leader of the free world to Supremely low standards BUT the comedian better be above politics, but the president can be MORALLY corrupt. WELCOME
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Free for All Productions Dec 7
Replying to @KyleKulinski
At this stage, nobody in the world would bat an eye if the top of Trump's head opened up and aliens came flying out. (thank you 'Seven') in fact, it would help make sense of things. Oh, and 'the head in the box' is obviously the head of democracy.
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Joe Dec 13
U.S. has let the Kurds down so many times I am skeptical about this administration doing the right thing as this article suggests.
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Peter Dec 9
Replying to @calimay82
Is Stranger Things a movie about the Miami game? 😁
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Ghost Ryder Dec 13
What a world we are living in
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White Oak Marathon Dec 6
From and the Upside Down comes The Demogorgon aged in Apple Brandy Barrels!
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David Guzman Dec 11
Replying to @susanjcheng @theAGU
We can aim to meet up in luncheon ? I think it's at Eleven ...
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Everstream&Co Dec 11
he could have spent HOURS in here...and I could watch him for just about as long.
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Stuboy Baggins Dec 12
We are now officially in the upside down.
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snıpɐɔ∀ 𓃠 𓂀 Dec 12
If season 2 of Stranger Things was set in the Fall of 1984 and was released in the Fall on Netflix, then what are the chances that season 3 is being released in Summer since it takes place in Summer 1985? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Patriots_2018 Dec 10
Replying to @TedyBruschi
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King Dan Dec 14
Amazing edit to my Demogorgon cosplay, props to for the great work...Now then, when can we expect Season 3?
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Kevin Hinkle Dec 8
🔥🙏 All my life the farther south i go the warmer it becomes 💕 now im on the other side of the equator
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L Choi Dec 8
Replying to @doctahelle
We are truly living in . This isn't Irish Luck. Women died; the evidence for safe and legal abortion could not be denied. Meanwhile, the anti-science US government and numerous states continue to march us towards pre-Roe v. Wade statistics on women's health.
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That1chickuknow 23h
is this real? We have to be in or . Where is my $50k? 🇺🇸✌️❤️
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junior baldwin🎄 Dec 5
It’s midnight and of course I just woke up 🙃
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TheUpsideDownNY Dec 11
Demogorgons Beware! The Upside Down is making its way to Manhattan’s own on 12/22 at 10 pm to play your 80’s favourites and then some! Event link: WILL happen... here in
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Pete Davidson Dec 9
Welcome to Week 14, folks. Otherwise known as .
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