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Jalaj Shrivastava 24 Aug 17
first novel. Among the first novels in crime thriller genre penned (keyed ?) by an IAS officer.
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Woman's Era Oct 5
The author has suggested the book to be read twice. There is a reason.......
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Neutrality 10 Jan 16
This is like my favorite place and I haven't even been yet!
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Abby Ajayi 3 Apr 13
Looking forward to 's book launch next week and getting my hands on a signed copy of
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Laura Greene 13 Feb 13
Replying to @LotteWorth
really well thanks, am v.happy! Is going to be available on Kindle?
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JoaniBlue 3 17 May 12
Matter a fact u need to take the 40 and put that shit in ya own mouth for a filthy scumbag bitch like u
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Janet 14 Dec 11
Currently drinking my own body weight in chocolate milk
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Morgan Olson 7 Dec 11
Party rock just came on a plotting
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