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Miranda Anderson Apr 16
you do realize that we can do math, right...?
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W Ream 13h
I have called and paid my account in full and asked for system to be disabled. The new owners of the home now have alarms going off and I’m told the account is still active and I have to wait till Monday to disable service. I have called to close 3 times.
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Chris Ely 5h
Replying to @PercentNaija
He can sit the rest if the playoffs
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Mohamed Hassan Apr 18
experience with Ethiopian Airlines from Nairobi to Hargeisa. Had to be forced to wait over 8 hours @AddisAbabaBoleinternationalairport confronted with highly inadequate service and very rude staff members.
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Shelly 6h
Not impressed at all with how stadium staff is handling the concert. Staff should have prepared for this madness
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Albert Schulte 8h
Replying to @NFL @AdamSchein
Just a bad Top 9
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Four Zero Photography 10h
Players here before Sweeney became GM. 46,37,63,88. Only forward added to team worth a crap since 2015 is 74. Bs lack enough talent because of GMs terrible FAs like Backes & Beleskey, horrible trades & turning the 3 1st rd & 2 2nd picks for Luc/Hanilton into squat.
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Matthew Wright Apr 17
Nine years ago, I left a management consulting firm whose policy was to wear ties. I said never again! (Only weddings and funerals) and today is 2 of 4 days in a month I will wear a tie.
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Alex Moore Apr 18
Why is the branch experience so bad? Today was like any other day at@my local branch. 1 teller, a line of ten customers. Six managers in office doing nothing. .
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Young SkyWater 16h
Replying to @joekerrdude
You know the feeling my g
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Elisa Reed 6h
So disappointed in service. Ordered online, had to pay with credit card, arrive to find Hoover store closed for the whole weekend. ?
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AL Hamilton 14h
“ You can’t shoot a shot wide open in a basketball 🏀 game “ 🤦🏾‍♂️
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Kerry Phimister 14h
Replying to @officialdafc
Oh the joys of being a Pars fan 😫🙈
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GarthWoody🤙🏻 Apr 18
Will NOT use again. Driver needed me to giver her all the directions and she was a terrible driver! Never been to happy to get on land on my life!
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Carol Fung Apr 19
Replying to @NST_Online
Tourists & Travellers fly in to KL, hence KLIA & not Sepang. There r no sepang fare code in booking system. Agree on suggestions to name it as T1 & T2. Pls focus on more pressing issue in promoting tourism & investment. Not petty issues & the greed to be so territorial.
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Biswajit_here Apr 19
Replying to @fayedsouza
What more can be expected from a terror accused and from a party without any moral obligation towards humanity.. nor towards the nation.. they are here to make business out of the blood shed by our heroes..
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Carlsberg 2h
Replying to @pier87fish
Was totally disappointed in this is a sample of an oyster they served me today! I asked what coast the oysters were from, and no one in staff knew. Was told to wait for the manager.
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LoVeVsHaTe 9h
Imagine Chisora vs Gashi was the headliner. 😆
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AGNVS Apr 19
Just when you think you hit rock bottom, something happens and the floor beneath you disappears and you fall and then you reach a new low. When will I reach my actual rock bottom and start going up? The floor beneath me keeps disappearing.
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Nick Hart 13h
is by far the worst airline and has zero customer service. Delay after delay after delay than cancelled due to mechanical problems. No help and a flight booked 3 days later
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