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Jamie Foxworthy Jun 24
This could very well be our future under and the . Please, take a minute to read this and educate yourselves on the danger of passing internet regulation that can only be handled by big websites and their algorithms. Share it, too!
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SplinteredRose Jun 17
Especially combined with
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umniomni Jun 19
Hello , you do a great job informing us what is going on in the . Could you please inform us how things go with so far? This topic is less/not discussed in the media at this moment, but still it is very important.
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FOR LIBERTY West Dunbartonshire, Scotland Jun 25
Replying to @georgedillon
Ctd... They are also censoring the internet by trying to tackle ‘Fake News’ and take down any content marked as ‘terrorist’ with and pushing for an overall centralised system with an actual EU Army and currency.
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Muhrks 36m
Replying to @echo_pbreyer
Die üblichen, bereits bekannten Verdächtigen, wie: , 1-hour-takedown, Blackbox in PKW's, Kennzeichenscanner, öhm ... ja.
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Aytgh #SaveYourInternet #stopACTA2 8h
Please contact MEPs and MPs of your country. We must do whatever we still can to either stop and from becoming the law or at least lessen their impact!
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DigitaleGesellschaft Jun 25
In der aktuellen c't kritisiert unsere politische Referentin die geplante Terrorfilter-Verordnung: "Es würde eine Infrastruktur bereitgestellt, deren Anwendungsbereich auch auf politisch unerwünschte Inhalte ausgedehnt werden könnte."
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Pierre Beyssac Jun 24
Remarquable, "I Shouldn’t Have to Publish This in The New York Times" par , sur un futur pas si lointain qui nous pend au nez si on continue avec ces lois qui renforcent les plateformes comme la , , loi Avia, etc.
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Muhrks Jun 22
Replying to @HeikoMaas
Weg mit der 1 hour Takedown regelung.
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SplinteredRose Jun 20
Daily reminder that UK and EU internet will soon be up there with China's and other dictatorships. Things like and the are violations of your freedom
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