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Dr. Arik Greenberg 8m
Unfortunately, I think that his supporters in the legislature are still too loyal to see his faults. So far, nothing has stuck to him yet. He is the new "Teflon Don".
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Meher  Baba (parody acc.) 4h
all these negative stories about and nothing happens🤣 thousands & thousands of negative stories he's the 😂 day after day, week after week - nothing but negative stories about him and he's still here 🤣-why do u people even bother?
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ᖴᗩᗷIᗩᑎ 1h
Can we just skip all these "lock him up" & "Trump going to prison" quasi victory tweets & fast forward to months from now where nothing happened to him yet again & everyone is disappointed.
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Michael O'Connell 1h
Replying to @Alyssa_Milano
I'd like to believe you, but Hillary Clinton was supposed to win, so… If there was ever a person in my lifetime that has made a deal with the devil, it most certainly is the . Is it , yet? Today would be a wonderful day.
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Nisha Jerath 9h
Earlier tonight, you brought up a good point about how no ramifications have occurred in past administration scandals. Considering that, I think we should take inspiration from an old saying...
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Solitary Oneness 5h
Replying to @kathygriffin
Never gonna happen 🙄 I’m with ya but I’ll bet it never happens
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Steve Kelly 4h
Looks like is well and truly fooked
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kalhana Jan 15
Same goes for all your acting cabinet secretaries, White House staff, who are still flying around in chartered private jets and staying at fanciest hotels. Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones at others.
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Flannel Fox 6h
Replying to @pettycommajared
Let’s see if it sticks, he’s the new
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Ray Schlegel Jan 17
The only thing more baffling than Rudy is that this President is still in office. How much more do people need to see to understand he isn’t fit to run a bake sale, much less a country.
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Charles Lelek 4h
Replying to @billyrosso @BuzzFeed
The timing is so predictable. Trump gains momentum? Media puts out a hit. Fake hashtags are born. It's pathetic people believe this crap. It'll backfire like everything else.
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Karsten Johnson 12h
I think it is time that John Gotti's estate relinquish the title 'Teflon Don', given current events.
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kalhana Jan 16
Dotard, stop wasting tax payer money counting walls around the world while 800,000 people are working hard without pay. You are a prime example of stupidity and morons.
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NYPolitics 17h
Replying to @Miki9857
Just Like his “economic Development” Track-record Upstate have been successful....
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Michael O'Connell 2h
Replying to @kidd_whitey
One thing is certain, Trump is a master at getting other people to pay for his crimes. For now, this is hearsay, unless this happens to be one of the Cohen Recorded Sessions. Someone needs to figure out how to take down the . Best hope is Mueller.
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Sarcasm Sleuthin 6h
How did this cheater and fraud get elected?
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hamberders and covfefe for breakfast 4h
I see that some pundits on Twitter are hinting at Shit Going Down today. Must be Friday.
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Nigel Horrocks 🇬🇧 🇪🇺 #FBPE Jan 15
What ever is thrown he will deny, claim fake news & pay someone a large amount of cash to divert the blame away from him.
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Matt Jordan Jan 17
Replying to @jaketapper
isn't worried, he's got insurance...
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Zachary Hartstone Jan 14
Just watched the first half of the John Gotti special. “Gotti: Godfather and Son” and damn I’m impressed. To see everything through his sons eyes during the best time in Mafia history is amazing!
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