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Birdy1 Jan 15
The multi-talented in action πŸ₯πŸŽΆπŸ˜ƒ
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Birdy1 Jan 16
Coming to a record store someday soon album 4 😁🎹🎢
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Birdy-Fans Germany Feb 28
"I ain't no angel, / I never was! / But I never hurt you, / It's not my fault. / You see those egg shells, they're broken up, / A million pieces, strung out across the ground." [: No Angel] β€”
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Birdy-Fans Germany Feb 26
"Give a little time to me, / Give a little trust and you'd see. / Give a little peace of mind, / You never know what you might find." [: Lost It All] β€”
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Birdy1 Feb 19
Replying to @BirdyFansGER @birdy
No need to apologise, I did listen to the samples on Amazon and they sounded rather uninspiring and definitely un-birdy like! 😊
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Birdy-Fans Germany Mar 1
"I've been sleepless at night, / 'Cause I don't know how I feel. / I've been waiting on you, / Just to say something real." [ feat. : Let It All Go] β€”
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