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Qontrol Systems Feb 3
Many people are excited about Superbowl Sunday today, but not for us! We’re busy with Supersoldering Sunday instead.
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Qontrol Systems 12 Jul 18
We’re working on our Quantum Start Up Week pitch for tomorrow with and . Wish us luck!
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Qontrol Systems Jun 24
Having a great time at . Here till Thurs. Get in touch if you want to ⚡️ (or to meet up for a chat). -Josh
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Qontrol Systems Jul 8
Anyone at the IEEE Summer Topicals can see our technical wizard Josh giving a talk on his research today. He’s only around for one day if you want to catch him to talk about Qontrol!
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Josh Silverstone Feb 18
Looking forward to talking PROGRAMMABLE () PHOTONICS at Summer Topicals! Deadline *tomorrow*.
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Qontrol Systems Sep 2
Fun article! Was great talking to about controlling Q tech, and the future of Q infrastructure. Read more here... ^J
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Jonathan Matthews Apr 12
Replying to @takeqontrol
Friendly resemblance to ? Should we be worried he wants to ?
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