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TabletopGamingCT Apr 8
Thank you for supporting us while we try everything in our power to keep your hobbies alive!
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TabletopGamingCT Feb 7
If you haven't been in the store for awhile, you may not have heard that our new loyalty program has launched! Come in to pick up your card and start earning rewards!
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TabletopGamingCT Aug 13
For any of you Pokemon players that have yet to buy the Build & Battle boxes for Darkness Ablaze, we still have some here at the store! $25 a piece. Message, call, or come in and say hello!
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TabletopGamingCT Oct 25
Time to clean out those Kallax' and dig through the boxes in your basement and attic. It is almost time for our Gamer's Garage Sale!
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TabletopGamingCT Oct 29
We are ready for you to start bringing in your used games for the Gamers' Garage Sale happening November 9th and 10th! Follow the link for all information and to fill out our Google Forms for all of your games!
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TabletopGamingCT Oct 15
Sun & Moon—Cosmic Eclipse is here! Come in for our prerelease events to get your first chance to play with the exciting new Tag Team Pokémon GX!
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