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Dr David Unwin Jan 10
Are carbs addictive ? See the paper; Food Addiction, High-Glycemic-Index Carbohydrates,and Obesity. This may explain why moderation is so difficult for some people with obesity and
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Amer. Diabetes Assn. 17h
Congress just released a major funding bill that doesn’t include the Special Diabetes Program (SDP), which funds research and programs for Native Americans. Join us and tell Congress to renew funding for SDP:
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Diabetologia 17m
Diets high in antioxidant-rich foods associated with lower risk of T2D
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Charles Stoker Jan 16
Aye Fellas, Here We Go!!! Time to Get to Work!! Mark Cuban Center 4:00pm-6:00pm Advanced MS/ HS Session DM me to confirm a spot...
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Eating healthy can be challenging and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be! Check out these three surefire healthy shortcuts to eating healthy in the new year:
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Amer. Diabetes Assn. Jan 8
Worried that you or someone you love may be at risk for ? Small steps can help lower risk—get started here:
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Daniel J Drucker Jan 15
Clearly written overview, hits all the highlights-GLP-1
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Daniel J Drucker Jan 16
Cardiometabolic beauty resides in the eye of the reader. Apples and oranges but hard to ignore liraglutide (LEADER) & Semaglutide (SUSTAIN-6) reducing MACE events
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Charlie Kimball Jan 16
doesn’t have to stop you from dining with friends & family. Get tips for eating out with or :
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Nicola Guess Jan 17
In my lectures for KCL students we cover: B-cell function, tissue-specific insulin resistance; pre-clinical data on hypothesised pathophysiology and how diet interacts with the above. & they know the diff b/w & . 💪
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Ashish Agarwal 1h
Researchers working on to create wearable patch to control type 2 diabetes
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This soup has all the flavors of your favorite tacos and can be ready in 30 minutes!
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Diabetes Canada 22h
It's more than just pop! Even drinks that sound healthy can contain more sugar than you might think. has an informative list.
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Diabetologia Jan 12
and still associated with complications during pregnancy despite increased intervention: results from the Scottish Diabetes Research Network Epidemiology Group
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Ex-Diabetic 2h
What cannot be stated in black and white, ends up being grey. Root causes of and other Cure for etc.
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PGRN Jan 11
TCF7L2 variant influences acute response to sulphonylurea and metformin. The study highlighted that altered incretin signaling as potential mechanisms by which TCF7L2 increase risk.
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Dr David Unwin Jan 12
Starchy carbs digest back down into glucose that people with struggle to metabolise. This FreeStyle Libre graph contrasts rice so well with days on a low carb diet. I suspect we can learn a lot from these meters.
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Jordi Merino 🎗 Jan 15
Our paper showing that variation at TCF7L2 influences acute response to drugs is out.
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Kathleen D. Hoffman 6h
Reversing a type 2 diabetes diagnosis w/diet? PlsRT
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Jody Jan 16
Good job I understand this as not all hcp seem to. How come not all professionals understand difference in & ? Thinking back to when hospital od me on sliding scale
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