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Busted Pancreas 19h
Replying to @CherryWanders
Is this a thing? I was found to have no immunity (despite being vaccinated) in my late 20s. Have since had 3 more MMR shots and only a low-level of immunity. For some reason, I don’t build immunity.
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My son Riley is 5 yrs old & has just been diagnosed with . He is handling much better than my wife & I. We would love some help & support from parents who have been through this with young children. He was only dx Tuesday & has recently left hospital. 📷Tom
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Mindie Hooley #insulin4all Apr 20
In memory of Hailey Evans who passed away at age 10 due to a late diagnoses of & DKA. Her mom asks everyone to do an act of kindness & post about it in her honor. My fam & I all wore purple, donated food to a shelter & bought food for someone
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Chris Wilson 19h
Replying to @ellierosehuckle
As a researcher and a relative of someone with T1D the ignorance people display is amazing.. people still don’t understand the difference between T1 and T2 or that shopping at Whole Foods and going to crossfit doesn’t make them a nutrition expert.
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Last night was the first time in 5 years we had to use this. We didn’t use the whole thing just some to get him higher but very scary and sad. I HATE
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Sabrina #insulin4all Apr 20
So my 6 year old T1D has decided him and I are taking up running. Any of my T1D family have any pointers for us? Not really sure what long distance running will do to sugars and how I should prepare us. I always keep his kit on me but still.
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Marshie 21h
Replying to @CountCarbula
I have lived 35 years of without going low carb, so it must be a miracle that I have never been in hospital and have 0 complications.
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Hypo Baby 12h
First 24 hours of a new sensor = current sensor reading is 6 out... pump thinks 3.8⬇️ blood says 9.7. Option A - leave it until next and final calibration at 1.30am and have alarms going off every 15 mins. Option 2 - try and calibrate now...
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carb-counting kids 6m
Question for the - my boy (British) hopes to go to uni in the US. Trying to find out how to fund insulin/med supplies etc. Does NHS still cover British students while studying overseas? Idea of health insurance costs anyone? Any pointers?
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Eric Topol Apr 17
Illuminating experiences of a medical student with by Kaitlyn Rogers
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Joshua Miller MD MPH Apr 20
Replying to @LVSelbs
But people with don't have to take frequent snack breaks 🤷🏻‍♂️ Though I do appreciate your broader meaning here... if you have a specific medical need that must be addressed in order for you to safely and effectively function, by all means ask for an accommodation.
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Mark Green 1h
I hope this absolutely awful ad is not made by a group from the UK. Hugely misleading, completely ignores the difference between different types of diabetes and doesn't consider self management (i.e. a type one can have an ice cream assuming take enough insulin for it)
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Jennifer Maizel, MPH, CHES 11h
Is it really a holiday if someone doesn’t ask “Should you be eating that?” or posts on Facebook that they’re “going to get diabetes” from eating too much?
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autoimmune nightmare 15h
Replying to @autoimmunelady
woke up this morning at 200 STILL and took 2u while fasting and am now 78 before a late brunch, how this disease works I will never understand!!!
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Annette Wiles 17h
Took another step today; abandoned the T1 boy poolside at a swim comp to completely look after himself whilst I went off for a swim and wasn't connectable. More of a big deal as he uses a different insulin in comp. Small steps. Fear made me swim faster.
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Jade. Apr 17
Pharmacist today had a few questions to ask: Do you know why you’re prescribed this? Do you know what you’re doing with it? 🤔 My reply.. What, insulin? Yes I think I know after almost 18 years of using it. Potentially a little rude.. but come on!! 😐
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Lori Ruder #Insulin4All Apr 20
Replying to @haileyfly3
My random act of kindness was to donate to a GoFundMe account for someone with
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Eliza Bartlett Apr 18
When I first decided to go on a 4000km walk, I knew good podcasts list was vital. Loving ‘The Howie Games’ so far. The perfect mix of entertainment & inspiration for me. In particular the episode w/ fellow ! Just need to last the next 5 months! 🤷🏼‍♀️
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Yicheng Bao 12h
Wonderful perspective from an M3 with
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Philip Paroian 12h
Finished 's book (I'm Special) and netflix series (Special) this weekend and recommend it to everyone, but particularly anyone who happens to be gay and T1D like me. Was surprised, though I probably shouldn't be, by how much it resonated.
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