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Ampholyte 14h
I want to build a small playlist, 3-5 tracks per theme. If you think you've a track that'll fit, please reply! Themes: 1. Love, comfort, longing, happiness 2. Sadness, loss, longing, deflated 3. Violence, survival, desperation 4. Triumph, success, resolution
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Simon Jones 6h
A little early preview of 'A God From The Machine'. Amazing narration from Tim Wells - I cannot wait for everyone to hear the full performance he did for this project...
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LWTHR Jun 14
Hey I'm in the mood for buying some music, drop your Bandcamp links below and you might get some cash!
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Codex84 Jun 14
Hey Share your latest work, I need to create my first Spotify playlist and I want everyone to participate. I will soon be working on a music video and I would like to have 10 seconds of each one of you with your logo and a message ... soon more details.
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Anyone got any tips for getting stuff out there on SoundCloud?
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Kaarin Zoe Lee 2h
What's up ? I have been getting a lot of visits to my Facebook page, I imagine people think I do music. I don't. I do various things, here's one of them. I do daytime/nighttime blacklight paintings. Here's one in progress. 🎨💖
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Jeremy Uno 8h
If you login into your Arturia account and see a personal offer of VCollection 7 + Pigments for $268 realize its marketing. Just go click on the Pigments product page and you’ll see you can get it alone for $69. Which is a great deal!
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grim 4h
It's pretty crazy to think about that there are over 800 people that follow my music, game design, and/or are generally interested in what I have to say. Thank you for this, seriously. 💜 You're the greatest social media community, always helping each other out.
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Bravezerker Jun 15
Just grabbed awesome Starlight and Starlight Remixes albums off sale going on atm. Highly recommended .
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Simon Jones 9h
Final tracklisting for the 'Destroy All Robots' sci fi trilogy - Genesis - A God From The Machine - Destroy All Robots
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Kaarin Zoe Lee 6h
Welcome our latest addition to the ! 💖🎶🔥
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Hazmat 10h
Replying to @cassethtunes
Welcome to the , please take a cookie and have fun with the most wonderful community ever 👋
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LWTHR Jun 15
Bought some new RAM (16GB), sold the old stuff and then find the new stuff is faulty! So now have to put up with random system crashes until I can get it swapped out. Was super close to finishing a new single too, will have to wait a while now.
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Replying to @LWTHRMUSIC @Bandcamp
Wow, thanks a lot for the support for me and for all the !
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From Apes To Angels Jun 12
Hey independent people: do you set aside any money for promoting your music when releasing music or just throw it out there and see what happens? If the former, what on? Blogs? Advertising? And what results did you have? Would be interesting to know.
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Naked Congress 12h
Replying to @lemonradio
The here on Twitter 💙 There is so much good music, they are always supporting each other and sending out positive energy❣️💫💯
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Plumbuswave 24h
Replying to @Electronicrv
Thanks for being part of the !
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MOTIV Jun 13
Is everyone here in the happy with the name you picked, and if not what would you have chosen ?
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Liam Buchan 8h
I haven't been this happy with a song I have written in too long. I really can't wait to share this with everyone.
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Tramontano Music Jun 15
I am 8 away from 100. I would be very grateful if anyone could give me a follow on Spotify to get me to 100 followers Thank you very much. Love my xxxx.
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