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Pravin Nair 5m
Food delivery in Chembur area are going out the decency level totally pathetic majority of delivery guys who deliver food after night 12 pm are without I'd not verified and Tapori some are drunk eating gutka totally useless
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Saravanan PB 20h
Food delivery is getting worse day by day. The carelessness and attitude of the delivery executives and irresponsible customer care is making us choose the alternatives. never bothers to care . Pathetic.
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Chowkidar Priyansh Shah Apr 17
I order my food at 9:14pm and now it is 10:41pm but still i have not yet received my order. Also when i was trying to chat with their customer support executive they even not replying me. Very bad service from 😡😡😡😡😡
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Such Apr 16
is getting worse everyday. On the other hand is doing good. haha. I thought it should be @zomatodoesnotcare. Really Here's why-
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im@Bigredmonster 6h
dear both I know u guys want to give us better service but pls tell your delivery boys to drive slowly just to give fast delivery they ride fast and it's harmful for other citizens
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manoj kumar Apr 17
No Delivery executive was assigned to my order #38588372257 even after 2 hours, but the customer care representative gave false info that executive was assigned and disconnected chat. I ended up without food at 10pm in the night. proved to be unreliable!!!
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shaunak Apr 17
I have ordered twice from Faasos within a span of 10 minutes and both of the time the restaurant cannot service due to technical failure of their IT system. Why don't you take the restaurant off from your website if it can't deliver.Bad service!!!
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Umeish Vasist 4h
is hiring thieves to deliver your food Please be careful and order food at your own risk. If turns out to be goons/robbers doesn't take any guarantee of riders hired by them. Are we safe?
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Vegi 18m
This will be choice next time if they dont refund, recently moved from to , tried only 2 times till now, good but fooled me this time. Its time to go back to , never has problem in last 2 years , seems i made wrong choice
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Gudakesh 21h
Do basically swiggy is going the e commerce route to say they only manage the delivery and even if a restaurant serves the wrong food item they can't help the customer in any way! so much for the sham of customer is the king!
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Manas S Jain 34m
Replying to @harshamjty @swiggy_in
Wasted my almost two hours and I'm still hungry.. One hack of a shitty poor 3rd class customer service.
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BiggDeals💥💥 6h
Replying to @abhiii_v_5
Appudappudu 100% supercash usage offers istunnadu...currently available on
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Sagar Kalasa 20h
Amazing dedication frm delivery guy, he was getting late for delivery due road block he started abusing and quarrelling with me, such people shouldn't be allowed in the society looks like your employees don't care for anything else
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Hussain Arsiwala Apr 20
wanted to know, how do u justify this sort of pricing, ₹70 charged on app, however product has tag of ₹50. Is it some sort of policy for that??
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Vaibhav Gupta Apr 15
"Sir?" Waiting for reply since 10 mins. Thank You
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TechGlare Deals1 6h
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Deependra 3h
Pay attention when ordering via their app today decided to deliver my order to a non default address on its own which refused to fix and blamed me for wastage and only thing they did was cancel the order. Time to move on.
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Alok 3h
Replying to @SwiggyCares @swiggy_in
Good initiative... is always on top 👍🏻 My first choice is always
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Shivendra Upadhyay / شویراند اپدیہی 21h
It's been 1hour 20mins now since have ordered Tea from Chai point. It's only 2.6 km away(8 mins in Gmap) 4m the place but still Swiggy is no show. It's the most pathetic n unprofessional food delivery app have come across.Would never recommend 2order from it.
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Ashwin K Shenoy Apr 19
double standards vs Direct purchase! Direct purchase price: ₹150, Swiggy price: ₹285 + ₹30 = ₹315 Same restaurant! Why you do this ?
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