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iaamna 7h
Replying to @barooq @ImranKhanPTI
"Mahoorat" is the reason .. each & every step is timed🤦but wont get anything out of it either, coz news leaked b4 mahoorat, exactly like the last one got jinxed! 🙃
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Matt Pace Feb 16
Time-lapse: Undulatus asperatus clouds made a quick appearance over the this evening.
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GraemeJ🇬🇧 Feb 2
Got to apologise to all rangers fans now. Went for lunch today and had fish and chips then realised what day it was. So IF and it's a big IF we get beat tomorrow its my fault. Sorry
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Dana Strokovsky Feb 1
Anyone know if the are wearing black or green on Sunday? Curious silly follow up to a Q/A from Doug Pederson presser...
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aмιтeѕн Jan 27
In hindsight.. uninstalling the Sony LIV app during the Amla-Elgar partnership was the game changer. 😛😂
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Jay Jan 29
Damn my palm’s getting itchy, should I test my luck or nah???
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Sophie❤️🐧 Feb 17
Anyone else notice that Sid has a nice little beard going since the home winning streak?
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Curtis Herbert Feb 4
🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅 (This is the first football game I’ve watched in 20 years. You can thank me later )
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Susan Tomes Feb 2
Why am I putting on perfume for a radio interview ...?
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BillMcGov Feb 3
Replying to @jonlustig
What do your stats say about those who grace the cover of madden? 😂
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Ishan R Feb 1
1887- The beginning of Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney, PA
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Carolyn Frye Feb 8
Apparently some people haven't heard: The 1st rule of is you do not talk about snowday.
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Chase Slone Jan 27
Replying to @Trev__86
Reverse psychology. The more negative I am, the better they seem to play.
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toby knapp Feb 2
and rituals.... here are some of the things YOU do to get ready for your team to win the big game! >>
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Chelsea Feb 3
Replying to @caitymints_
HAHAH! He lives by the train so if they win we are hopping on and heading over! I’ve watched both playoff games with the same group of people so I HAVE to watch this with them! Lol
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D. Panfil Costea Jr. Feb 1
Replying to @WIRED
Leaving a collection of lessons learned, instructions or scientific free of cultural references is unnecessary, all the angles can be presented along with facts. Facts, not stories. Facts are less cultural, only beliefs and are biased.
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Wade Stewart Jan 27
Tell your announcer not to say shutout before the game’s over...
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John Welford Feb 5
Burning ears - an ancient superstition
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Kristen Jan 30
Everyone’s changing their fb profile photo to an eagles frame and I’m like nope...does the exact same thing I’ve done the last two wins...don’t change the routine
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Miles Jacobson Feb 10
Disappointed to find out that the clothes I wore to the Chelsea match weren't the reason we won. Wore identical clothes, down to pants & socks, to WHU. We lost. Maybe my lucky beard wasn't lucky at all & I just looked like an idiot for a few months for no reason?
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